1. Oh... I hope all the FL ladies are alright.

    @pdxhb don't worry. ;) I understand. ;)
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  2. Thank you, ladies, for your concern for those of us in Florida! My family and I are safe. Hope to hear that the other MM Floridians are all right.

    Catching up on this thread---so the current rumbling is when does the AW collection arrive? I cannot wait to see either!
  3. Yes, I'm beginning to wonder if they're even going to release an Autumn / Winter collection... last year it came out in August. I'm holding off on ordering an Angelica just in case something new comes out that looks more appealing.
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  4. Thanks, Ladies. We made it back after evacuating for Irma. Glad to be home.

    My MM bag should be delivered tomorrow! Will share when it arrives!
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  5. How did your garden survive the storm? As another keen gardener I felt your frustration: not only redoing so much hard work, but the delay in getting to the fun bit of gardening, pianting and seeing the garden develop.
  6. Marco now has quite a wide range of styles, so may not think he needs to do more but I'm hoping for some new leathers or colours at least, and possibly tweaking some of the styles, mini or midi versions maybe.
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  7. I seriously doubt there would not be a release of new styles twice a year as that's a huge driver of continuing business from the die hard fans. It just wouldn't make sense from a business perspective. Plus most artists have an unquelchable need to create new things.
  8. Garden came out ok. Some shrubs are looking a little tattered but fortunately things grow very quickly here. In about 3 or so weeks they will fill in again. We got everything cleaned up yesterday bags and bags of leaves and small branches. Took us a day and a half To clean up the garden and it is looking reasonable. Thanks for asking.
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  9. Thanks for the well wishes. We have not returned home to South Florida yet. We are trying to minimize the amount of time we have to go without a/c. :smile: Will probably head home tomorrow.
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  10. Sale 20% off tomorrow! Details on the blog :smile:
  11. Well... looks like I may be ordering that Angelica!
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  12. IMG_1505344711.994131.jpgIMG_1505344795.139743.jpg

    My very first MM bag! She's lightweight and I love it! I am 5"8....excuse the socks!
  13. Glad things are okay, djfmn. We have so much to be thankful for and will continue to think of others who felt Irma's wrath. Cleaning up the debris.... the small branches seem to multiply as you collect them.
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  14. So glad all are checking in OK after the horrific storm in Florida.

    Now my mind has latched onto this idea - and I just ordered something a couple days ago! Always another bag to be had, though. Demetra may be on my list but I will sleep on it to be sure.
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    Does anyone have purple leather swatches (or purses) and be able to post photos today? I would like to order a Phoebe today during the sale, but I'm having trouble searching quickly to see which purples are available. Thank you in advance!

    ETA: Also does anyone have a leather crossbody strap for their Phoebe and any modeling pics? Wondering if this bag is just too small to carry that way?
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