1. I recently purchased two new Botkier bags: the Chelsea clutch in rose gold, and the large Trigger in black. I am actually pretty excited about both. Does anyone even carry the Trigger anymore?
  2. Nordstrom is currently carrying an exclusive style of the Trigger so I would say yes, people are still buying them!
    Nordstrom Exclusive Trigger.jpg
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  3. I like the Botkier bags as well. I don't have the Trigger. My fave is the Valentina satchel.
  4. I still carry my old-school Triggers! I have two, one in black from around 2009, and another in Ash (grey) from the redesign in 2011 (with zipper tabs instead of tassels, and the double-zip teeth detailing). Still fantastic bags to carry, and unparalleled in the amount of stuff I'm able to cram inside for its size...

    (Sorry, using old stock pics as I don't have any pics of the bags handy!)

    Congrats on your new purchases!

    Botkier Trigger in Black - 20468-ProductInfoSize-Still.jpgBotkier Trigger (Fall 2011) in Ash - trigger-med-satch-ash.jpg
  5. oooo I like the studs on that one
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  6. My very first Botkier bag. The quality is amazing on the Waverly backpack ❤️

    Sharing shots from the Botkier website too
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  7. I still carry my Bianca!
  8. Sorry to post this here, but I can't find another way...

    Can anyone identify this bag?botkier bag.jpg
  9. That's the Legacy Hobo
  10. Thanks! I have an unused one with a bag that was my sister's. If I sell it, do you have any idea what I should ask? How old is it?
  11. I am expecting a wine colored Sasha duffle in a few days (Christmas present), I can't wait. I love my old Botkiers. They still look new.