1. Hi. I just bought my PS11 from reebonz. I wonder if it is authentic.
    May I know why the inner cloth design is different than most i saw in this thread?
    It's in Magenta colour. I don't find any of this colour in the internet too.
    Thank you.

    Reebonz PS11
  2. Hi, it's authentic.
    The first 2012-2013 Textured leather PS11 had a plain grey lining, this newer version Linosa/textured leather has a similar plain lining. The lining is different from the smooth leather PS11.
  3. Thank you so much! such a relief!
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  4. IMG_4098.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4102.JPG IMG_4103.JPG IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4105.JPG Hi... i love my tiny ps1 so much that i decided to get a medium one. This is being sold privately by someone in my country (no ps store here) and i was wondering if it is authentic (i think it is.. cant be too sure tho)

    Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi, everything looks ok but I'd like to see a closeup pic of the PS letters on the fold-over clasp.
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  6. Is this it? Thank u so much for your time..
  7. Dear purseforum
    Can you help me confirm that this ps1 tiny dune is authentic?
  8. Thanks for the pic, it's authentic.
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  9. Hi, it's authentic.
  10. Thanks Ellie
    I thought it was but I've recently received a fake bag from the same place where I've bought this so wanted to be 100 % sure.
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  11. Thank you for your help...
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  12. Hi, this looks ok but I'd like to see closeup pics of the stamped PS letters inside the bag (below the zipper) and inside the pocket (on the leather tab) + letters on the fold-over clasp + strap hardware.
    It's the PS1 Fringe, the PS1 Runner had no top handle.
  13. I have requested the photos of the stamping. In the meantime, here are additional photos she had sent me, showing the hardware and PS tab. Thanks for your time![​IMG]
  14. Thanks for the pics, it looks ok so far but I'd like to see the other pics too.