1. As you can see,i'm not a collector......
    Only three bags but i'm verry happy with them.
    Sofia coppola PM
    Sofia coppola monogram
    Chanel jumBo SHW
    I have one more from a french brand who is not on the picture!The chanel jumbo is my mother's day present from my hubby,it was last week in france^^

    I'm really hoping to add a kelly to my collection before my 35th anniversary(i'm 31 years old!)I love to have very representative bag from this historical brand!i truly think my bags are like piece of art and are a part of my personal art collection:P

    In addition ,i'm not a slg girl too,so i have a very boring wallet from a french brand....
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  2. Your 3 bags are lovely and I hope you get your Kelly!
  3. Beautiful collection!
  4. Thank you:heart: and excuse me for my poor english!!
  5. Beautiful, well curated collection!
  6. Lovely collection. I wish there was a thread for folks with less than 10 bags. A small edited collection :smile:
  7. Nice! What is the other French one you have? Can you post a pic?
  8. I would love to add a red Kelly to my collection.
  9. I like your 3 bags :smile: thanks for sharing
  10. Beautiful! I am very envious :smile: