1. When i got Morton's neuroma thought my days on heels would be over because the pain until i try RS.
    They are the only shoes i can have for hours whit no pain.
    I try to walk in my old Louboutin but nope, to painful.
    So now i have to start collect RS.
    I would love the kitten heels but the heel feel so thin and fragile, are they more fragile than the 100?
    For my next pair i am going for nude or red, but can not decided if i shall take patent or leather?
  2. I do not find the kitten heel more fragile than the 100s. I find the kittens to be incredibly comfortable. As far as patent or matte leather, the patent does hold up better. It is really a personal preference.
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  3. I have the kitten heels & they are so amazingly comfy =) I beyond love them! I'm going to start collecting them now too =)
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  4. Totally agree. I found the kitten heels to be the most comfy, followed by the 10mm heels. I have the ballerina flats too but feel they lack a little support when hitting the ground.
  5. I have several pairs of RS in kitten heels, cage flats, ballet flats and a pair of peep toe booties. I don't typically wear heels higher than 3" unless I'm just stumbling from the car to the restaurant table and back! And as others have said, I find the Loubs way too narrow and tight in the toe box for comfort. I love the RS kitten heels and find them very comfortable and think the heel is not at all fragile. I also like the RS flats and don't have any issues with lack of arch support, but then I'm used to wearing flats. They're great for casual wear. As far as material, I have them in patent and grained leather as well as calf hair, and I think they all wear pretty well except at the toe tips, which I've had replaced on several pairs. Hope this helps.
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  6. Do anybody know how the ankleboot doubelstrap in chunky heel if it is comfy?
    Are they tru to size like i have 38.5 in my classic,, shall i go for same in the boots?

    So thankful for your help.

    Have a lovely day.
  7. Can I ask what size you go for in the kitten heels compared to non-designer brands? I am a 7.5 or 8, but I don't know what I am in designer/European sizing. I would think I'd go up to a 38.5 in Rockstud kittens, does that sound right?
  8. Hi. Sorry for the tardy reply. My U.S. shoe size is either 8 or 8.5 medium width. In Valentino's rockstud kittenheels, I typically wear either a 38.5 or 39. The 39.5 is clearly too large and 38 too small... so I go for these two "goldilocks" sizes. ;) So I'd estimate that a 38.5 should fit you, leaning more on the generous side, though I'd check the seller's return policies just in case!
    PLMK if you have another questions. Happy to try to help.
  9. Thank you so much! I appreciate the insight! :smile:
  10. Wondering if anyone has the ballet slipper version of the Rockstud. If so, did you wear your normal size? I'm a 36.5 in ysl flats but a 36 in Louboutin and unsure of what size to buy. Thanks!
  11. HI. I don't have the YSL flats, but I do have a couple pairs of the RS ballet flats, both in patent and smooth leather, and wear a tad larger in them -- a 39 seems to fit better than the 38.5 -- versus US size 8 - 8.5. I also typically wear a 39 and occasionally 39.5 in Louboutin, in flats as well as platforms and kitten heels. So IMHO the Valentino RS flats tend to run about 1/2 size small. Hope that helps.
  12. I did some window shopping at Neiman's this weekend and tried on the Valentino Rockstud pointy toe flats. I can vouch for the comfort. So comfortable, even with my high arches. Also true to size, 36/6, even at 6:30pm!
  13. How about their rockstud jelly slippers? Are they true to size also? Planning to buy online but unsure of their sizing. Hope you guys can help
  14. Hi all, I bought the 10mm heels in light ivory for my wedding last year and I haven't worn them since. Given how beautiful they look, I really want to wear them more often. I find them quite painful around the ball of my foot and I'm getting some blisters. I have a very narrow and small foot (size 35). Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions on how I could make them more comfortable? Do I have need to wear them in? Please help! :smile:
  15. Have you tried gel cushions? I have them for different areas and they're a lifesaver.