1. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the awesome feedback; keep it coming!
    I just wanted to give you a heads up that starting tomorrow I'll be going off the grid (AKA offline) to fully immerse myself in all things NYFW because our show is Saturday. But I'll be back on Monday am! Have a great weekend xx
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  2. I have the MAB and it's awesome. I think the rose gold hardware in general was done very well.
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  3. YES the rose gold was so good. i agree! good call. adding to the list :smile: xx
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  4. I would love to get Devote bag in this color.
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  5. I am so envious. :smile: It must be gorgeous!
  6. hi everyone! happy monday! what'd you think of the show?? would love to know what your favorite fall bags were from the show! xx
  7. The Paige crossbody is a very sweet little bag. I love that it has credit card slots like a WOC, but it's large enough for a phone, it has a zippered compartment for keys and a pen, and it has a divided center compartment to keep other items nicely organized. The pale grey color is a useful neutral, too.
    Congrats on your show, Rebecca! Didn't Jessica Alba look adorable in your studded leather jacket over her baby bump?
  8. I am so glad that you like this bag! This whole group is good bc the larger sized hold
    a computer! And Jessica looked ADORABLE!
  9. Which is the large size? I must have missed it.
  10. Found it... it's the Paige Satchel! Very elegant!
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  11. It's gorgeous! I recently snagged a full size Nikki in Teal &
  13. Congratulations! I purchased an Amarous bag on eBay last nite. In comparison to others it seems that nameplate is lower on front. Should I be concerned
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  14. @rainydaygem I am not sure, do you want to send a picture? Was it from a 3rd party reseller?