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    And she is out with me today! Love the structure and details. Totally in love.
  2. My new every dag bag in grey - holds a tonne, sturdy as a rockIMG_1503227330.200366.jpg
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  3. Hi everyone! I have a question - would a regular macbook (the 12" new gold ones) fit in a Small? I know the Medium fits a 13" macbookpro but then I think the bag is too big for me to use daily when I don't have my laptop. If the macbook fits in the Small that would be ideal. Thanks!
  4. I believe this is a common inquiry....you may want to search the forum for your answer. I found this thread as an example.

  5. @BagLadyT
    Here is the Antigona thread where there are lots of pictures :flowers:

    I'm a bit taller than you but I should think small would be absolutely fine for you. I love my small. I was actually deciding between small and medium, and I thought both looked fine.

    Have you seen it in the store? It's a great bag :heart:
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  6. It's gorgeous and seems very functional. I love it when you don't have to reduce the items you want to carry due to bag size.

    I haven't seen it in store but I imagine it to be even more beautiful!
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  7. Initially I would have said oxblood but sinc you already have something similar I say gray. More opportunities to wear it in this color. Just make sure not to hold your red wine while carrying this bag!:graucho:
  8. I found a mod pic on 5'1 frame for you!
    See page 81 of this thread, post # 1212
    Hope that helps :flowers:
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  9. Thank you friend!!:heart:
  10. Light green /mint w/ Rottweiler key chain/bag charm! :smile: Thank you for letting me share!
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  11. So after pondering for a really long time I ordered a Small Antigona in the black shiny (veal) leather (there is nowhere I can see them here so I have to oder online) and got it yesterday. And I'm feeling completely underwhelmed :sad: It feels boxy but mostly the shiny leather doesn't feel luxurious at all, it doesn't even feel like leather. I am so disappointed, I really wanted to love that bag as much in real life as I love it on picture.
    I was wondering if maybe the goat leather feels more luxurious? And less boxy, meaning it would be more supple? Or is this bag not just something for me? What do you guys think?
  12. The "shape" would still be the same, but yes the goat is more supple and muted in appearance. It may be a matter of preference, as some like the shiny/box calf version as it supposedly retains its shape better.

    I have a few different leather variations (goat, smooth calf, patent) of the antigona in black, and like them all for different reasons.

    However, the shape of the bag is not going to change regardless of the leather...as that's the antigona style. If the shape is really not to your liking, you may want to try a different type of bag.
  13. I agree with highend, the ant is known for being structured, so if you dont like boxy bags, then getting another type of leather won't make much difference. Don't forget, the shiny is really great against spills and rain. But if you want supple, I'd recommend either the goat skin pandora or old version of nightingale. These are more unstructured bags.

    Another structured suggestion would be the obsedia tote. It's less boxy, but elegant and chic.
  14. I purchased this croc stamped/embossed? antigona awhile back from the store. I understand that even designer bags can have minor flaws sometimes, except maybe Hermes. I didn't notice it back then in the heat of the moment but then I realized that the 'croc scales' on mine are slightly larger and different from other croc stamped antigonas. I'm afraid that people will think that it is a counterfeit. What do you guys think?