1. Hey guys,

    Today I tried on the fleur de lys platinum and diamond key and I love it but I wonder if I should buy it. It is $4200, and the platinum chain is another $420.

    What do you think?
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  2. I've tried it on before and I think it's very pretty. If you don't own any key yet, you should consider getting this.
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  3. Full disclosure, the keys have never really been my thing. With that said, my advice is not going to be based on aesthetics, but instead your level of love for it.

    Is your concern that $4200 + $420 is a lot for you/your budget or is your concern that the key/chain might not be worth the high cost? In my opinion, if it is a lot for you/your budget, but you love it, then you would need to assess if you can save up or not purchase other items of interest in order to purchase this one (no piece of jewelry is worth going into debt over). If you feel you are up for it and your finances allow, then you clearly really want it. On the other hand, if you think it might be too much money for the particular item but the price is totally within your budget, then perhaps you don't LOVE love it.
  4. Great analysis. I think a lot when I make a purchase too. Most of the time, I just wait it out, if the urge (or love for it) fades over time, then it's really not for me. I hardly make a jewelry impulse purchase this way.
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  5. I read the title of your thread and my brain instantly yelled yes!
  6. I have that key with the platinum chain, but my chain is the 20". It's my favorite key, and the 1.5" is my favorite size for Tiff keys. It's really a beautiful piece.
    With that said, I don't wear it too often as I find it just doesn't work well with much of my wardrobe.
    My diamond pendants on the other hand are staples in my jewelry collection and work with any outfit.

    But if you really love it, then definitely go for it. Just make sure you'll get lots of wear out of it.
  7. I agree with this.
    I have it and I bought also the smaller size FDL key recently because it is much more easier to wear.
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