1. do your toes hurt at all or feel a bit uncomfortable? thats my worry, its summer here and it was really hot when i tried both pairs on and im worried the bigger size is going to be a bit loose in winter ...
  2. Yes a bit specially the first and last toes. I can walk but not much. That's why I think that I am more 36.5 but these one were in sale. So I will keep it and wear more in spring or autumn:smile:
  3. Hi Ladies!! Heres another update.
    I had my shoes for over a year and wear them quite often. They fit perfectly and I didn't have to size up. They broke in lovely, didn't stretch out and are quite comfortable! I recommend that when purchasing to look at several. I bought 4 different times till I found my one as they are all different! Every 37 1/2 I bought were crazy different and even some studs were horribly crooked so when spending $1000 on shoes be picky!! Especially since the customer service at Nordstrom is lovely, they never mind as they just switch out the boxes for me and did the exchange without the computer. (noted they were brand new and not use)

    PS. I also live in California and when it's hot my feet do swell up but going up a 1/2 size would not fix that as the 1/2 size would make the back too loose regardless.
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  4. Glad you got the proper fit! Enjoy your beautiful shoes!
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  5. Who has a pair of Valentino Jelly Flipflops? I'm planning to buy one this week and I'm wondering whether they're TTS or not. I have tried their caged flats before and they run small.. I dunno if it goes the same with their flipflops.
  6. I have the bow flip flop and got my normal size, didn't have to size up.
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  7. Thanks! Got my right size. Enjoying my jelly flipflops in light pink.
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  8. Glad it worked out for you. I am so tempted to get the pool slides.
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  9. I'm about to take the plunge and buy my first pair of Rockstuds and am just after some sizing advice. I'm going to purchase the ankle strap pumps in the 2.5 inch heel in either patent or kid leather (undecided ATM). I take a 38.5 or 39 in Jimmy Choo (38.5 in all flats and sandal/open back styles and suede shoes; 39 in pointy toe leather shoes eg Anouk), and a 38-38.5 in Louboutin. I did try some RSs on a while back but cannot for the life of me remember if I was a 38.5 or 39. Advice really appreciated!
  10. Me too but not sure if I would match in them!
  11. Hi everyone! I just purchased my FIRST pair of Valentino shoes! I am normally a US size 9-9.5, and I've tried on Valentino rockstud sandals before and I remember a 40 being okay (that was the only size I had tried on though). The shoes I just purchased were rockstud cage kitten heels and the only size left was a 39.5! I wasn't able to try them on as it's online. Any chance these might fit?! I'm hoping to not have to return them!! Thank you!!
  12. I have 9.5/10 wide feet and my kitten heels are in size 41. I sized up to accommodate my width. You may be ok as each one of the 3 straps are adjustable.
  13. I don’t have Jimmy Choos as they are too narrow for me, but my Louboutin and RS kitten heels are the same size.
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    I ordered a half size bigger for my rockstud heels. I think you'll be ok though as the back is open anyways. Excited for your rockstuds! You may find yourself buying more colors in the future

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  15. yes i definitely hope so!!! :smile: thanks so much for the responses!! my biggest concern would be heel overhang, so as long as the length is okay i'd be fine with it!