1. I find it easiest to cancel those ... if they've got remorse or money issues now, they'll just try to find a reason to return it once they receive it. saves some trouble, tbh.
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  2. homeandfashion2010

    Rambling message about a Burberry bag being a 'non-brand fake bag' because it didn't have 'Burberry' written on it and she wanted a refund including postage. I pointed out that it was on the label inside the bag, the tag and inscribed on the hardware of the handles, which the listing photos show. Haven't heard back since then, so I hope she's put her glasses on by now, but I'm still expecting a buyer's remorse return. Ugh.
  3. Not a non-paying bidder but a situation kind of appropriate to this thread. I purchased a $40 item from seller fragosoatp, listing said free shipping with two day shipping listed on the ad. So I'm expecting an invoice for $40. Instead they send me an invoice for $99.98, adding $59.98 for overnight shipping which apparently they'd decided I should have. I couldn't help but wonder if they upped the price of that shipping to pocket some themselves, I'll never know. Anyway I shot them off a quick e-mail saying to cancel the order. The next day they resent an invoice for $40.

    I'm sure they do this to other people as well, with feedback in excess of 40,000, can't imagine I'm an isolated incident. I've been a seller on e-bay since 1999 and just can't comprehend why any seller would pull such a stunt. I've had my share of problematic buyers but this one takes the cake.
  4. Wow, with almost 41,000 feedbacks, I have NO doubt that fragosoatp knew exactly what he was doing. It's a blatant violation of the policy and they know it. My guess is that he does this to get exposure for offering free shipping.

    I wonder how many buyers fall for this crap!

    I looked at his negs and found these. (I'm surprised there aren't more.)

    [​IMG] Sttated "free shipping." Item came COD and had to make a trip to the post office
    [​IMG] Free shipping?Had to pay $6.00 to retrieve at USPS due to insufficient postage!!
  5. If she paid you through a PayPal invoice with CC and you meet her to give her the item she could claim not receipt off the item and you would loose. If she paid you in cash you're be free of any hassles, you would meet at a police station inside a bank, etc..

    Just a word to the wise.
  6. Very bizarre. Same Chloe Marci bag, another dead beat buyer. Haggles me for two days on the price then finally puts in her best offer bid. I'm not home when she does that and come home to find she's asking me how come I haven't accepted her offer (suddenly impatient but she'd taken hours between correspondences with me). So I accept her offer. 40 minutes later she contacts me saying she's purchased something somewhere else and doesn't want the purse.

    Fortunately I had it listed elsewhere and had an immediate sale on the heels of this nut job.

  7. Hector568

    She Submitted the best offer which I accepted, sent me email telling that she had changed her mind but if I give $xxx she would pay right away.
  8. raan-zare

    Submitted an offer on a pair of rare Louboutins and asked to cancel the order stating, "I made a mistake."

    I let a non-payment case open so that it could go on their record.
  9. cruz_2016
    purchased my boots, never paid, never answered any of my messages

    mfor7304 made a purchase, than tried to low ball me asking for discount, than asked to cancel order

    corettgordo_0 purchased my shoes, tried to return them cause they don't fit, was very rude, said I am a scammer etc. now I am dealing with PP case - she initiated chargeback "item not as described". Avoid, terrible buyer and person

    dhxogns00 made me accept return of the bag she purchased. the bag was authentic and exactly as described, but she claimed it's not and it's "not what she expected". didn't want to communicate and was very pushy. Refused to pay for return shipping. Nightmare!

    esch6873 bought my shoes, no payment, no communication, had to open unpaid case
  10. @fashion_victim9 , you need to be stop leaving negative feedback comments for your buyers. Not only is it a violation of eBay's feedback policy but if reported and eBay looks at the history of contradictory feedback you've left, it's YOUR account that is going to be dinged.

    Another reason why it's not a good idea to leave feedback for problem buyers is that positive feedback usually isn't read. You're serving to increase those buyers' feedback scores (while violating the rules).

    I'm not questioning that your buyers may very well have been PITAs, your feedback reflects poorly on you, not them.
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  11. I wanted to help other sellers. I didn't know it's violation. thanks for warning me.
  12. and it also it sounds like I am the bad one here who deserves to be banned and only leave negative feedbacks on my eBay page, and it's very very far from true
    I can guess you didn't mean anything bad but I don't feel good now.