1. For fun I figured I'd take a chance at this inexpensive Fashionphile find.

    First off, this bag is white and has been well loved.
    It has scratches, scuffs in the leather, the inside is dirty, a pen won a scuffle.

    Ultimately, i would like to custom paint something on this bag.

    But the leather must be prepped before I paint.


    I'll be posting as I go along with this. Any tips, input, anything would be helpful! This is my first project bag.
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  2. So here's the bottom. Figured I could start there.



    The pen marks I used a q-tip with very little rubbing alcohol and dabbed with one wet end and wiped off with the dry end. Didn't want remove the finish as much as possible.

    A bit of diluted Dawn and a microfiber cloth to wipe off whatever left that brown stuff

    It's looking a little better!

    Not sure how to work with the scuffs, might have to paint or fill those somehow.

    But the inside!
    With flash to show how much the inside needs TLC. Beyond a little more rubbing alcohol to lighten the ink, not sure what to use on the inside.
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  3. Do you have amodex my mom swears by that for removing ink stains.
  4. Nope but I'll check Amazon for it!
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  5. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also removes pen marks. I used it to remove ball point pen off a white leather chair.
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  6. Good luck with this project... it will be fun to follow along with you. So far, so good!
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  7. Can you pull the lining out from the bag, or no?
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  8. I was about to tell you no but decided to go double check and tugged on one of the pockets inside.

    The lining comes out!! I can just scrub it by hand! This makes it so much easier.

    I don't know why I didn't pull harder to pull the lining out earlier.
  9. Yay! You could get that wet and scrub a dub dub! Lol.....
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  10. Lol a month later I finally have time to scrub a dub dub.


    Bottom of the bags lining.

    I’m scrubbing with dawn and it doesn’t seem to be working.

    No idea what these stains could be, any suggestions of a cleaner I can use now? Or maybe another round with dawn? Not sure.

    I’ve scrubbed and rinsed for today. It’s air drying on top of a towel. Will update tomorrow when it’s dry.
  11. Looks like some of the big stains are gone???
  12. It faded a bit. But it’s still there and there’s still stains on the sides that will be hard to scrub since it’ll be close to the leather.

    Might try the Mr Clean for the lining.
  13. Tried some hydrogen peroxide with a dollar tree version of Mr Clean.

    An ink stain on the outside of the inner pocket was removed. The stains look like they’ve faded more.

    Will take a picture once it’s fully dried.
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  14. Compared to how I started, the lining is better. I scrubbed a lot and I don’t want to warp the lining. It bubbled a little at the bottom. Don’t want the same to happen on the sides.


    I will have to begin cleaning the epi leather soon. Then to source the paint.

    ...maybe practice first. Lol
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  15. This looks a whole lot better !
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