1. I'm far from an expert, so hopefully someone can help me out.

    What is Chevron leather? Is this calfskin or lambskin? Which is more durable? Assuming buying from someone with receipts that purchased directly from YSL is the best way to make sure it is authentic? What would be a good price to offer for this listing?


    All help is highly appreciated!
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    When describing a handbag, chevron is an inverted V diagonal stitching pattern--not the type of leather. Check the website for the specs to find the leather type.

    As on the Chanel thread where you posted, since this is a gift I recommend you buy new from the boutique vs. eBay, for peace of mind about authenticity. If you're considering a $2500 bag, just go ahead and get it in store.
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  3. I agree, if you're looking to spend over $2,500, I would buy it new from the store directly. So if anything happens to the bag, you or your wife can bring it to the store and you'll be in the retailers system. If you buy off eBay you have a chance of getting scammed, items not as pictured, and a more difficult time of returning if anything is wrong. Good luck!
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  4. What is the difference between Sheepskin, Lambskin, & Calfskin?
  5. Many of your questions answerable by using Google. Also the dictionary:
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    Sheepskin is usually but not always a pelt, tanned with the fleece, (as a fleece pelt it is called shearling). Lambskin is from a lamb, and is very soft, buttery and delicate. Calfskin is calf leather. It is more stiff, thick and strong than lambskin. But high quality leather bags are made from myriad hides--goatskin (sometimes called Chèvre), bull hide, cow hide, buffalo, and more, with many different effects of tanning and treatment--box calf, pebbled, suede, etc.

    Spending this much on a bag, you'll want to get a mini-education on some of these things before you make a purchase. It's a little bit like buying fine jewelry. Take pictures with you of bags that your wife already owns and loves. Go to a few boutiques such as Hermes, Chanel, or to the handbag department at Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Nordstrom or Saks, and tell the sales associate that you want to buy a premium bag, but that first you are on a fact-finding mission. Then spend some time looking and asking a lot of questions. You can see and feel the various leathers, as well as compare features on various bags--straps, handles, pockets, zippers, clasps... The sales associates will probably ask you about her lifestyle, the primary use for the bag, what colors she wears most, and whether she prefers gold or silver hardware.
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  7. You really should take a trip to a high-end store like Neiman's, as suggested, or maybe Saks. Take a look at the different brands to get a comparison. Lambskin, for example, can be a totally different feel and look across brands. Balenciaga lamb (or agneu) is very different from lamb on a Proenza Schouler.
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  9. Seller and I have come to an agreement. We are meeting at the YSL store she purchased the bag from to verify everything is what she says. I'll follow up on details after the transaction.
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  10. I'm confused. I'm not a YSL expert, but why buy pre-owned at that price, when new from YSL is $2450?
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  11. I agree! I was just coming on here to write the exact same thing. Unless the bag is $3500 new, I don't understand this fascination with buying a pre-owned bag.
  12. It was buy it now or best offer. Best offer was wellllllllll below $2,450. She has sent me a bunch of pictures and says she has never used it - it really does look brand new. She seems sincere too, we exchanged info so we each knew who we are dealing with.
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  13. I have no words . . .
  14. Not understanding this - I'm buying a bag from someone who purchased it at a YSL store (and meeting them at the YSL store it was purchased to verify with the original receipts), I know who she is (we exchanged emails via our corporate accounts), and I'm getting the bag for significantly less than the retail price with a bag in flawless condition.

    What is the issue with this?

    While I've never done this with handbags for my wife and she has always just gone into a store, I have done this with Rolexes, AP, Omegas, & Panerais, whose values far exceed just about any handbag. With the success I have had with watches, I figured I'd give it a go on handbags for her.

    I'm confused as to what the specific issue is and hopefully you can shed some light on it.