1. Oh wow, this is beautiful, such a pretty colour, congrats! :heart:
  2. Wow, absolutely beautiful, what an amazing new addition, congrats! :heart:
  3. Thank you so much ladies! :heart::flowers:
    Now, I can finally say, that after all these years I'm still not Bal content!:biggrin::whut::panic:
  4. Oh get outta town woman, what else can you be wanting? :lol::lol::lol:
  5. Promised pic indoor daylight no flash:heart::heart:

  6. Hats off to you, girl!! your searching skills are just amazing! :yahoo:
    so, now mission accomplished?? any more left unfound?
    it's so gorgeous, and in such great condition!! :tup: :drool::loveeyes: Congrats! :drinks:
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    Gosh... i am so glad these rare oldies are going to such an appropriate home!! i bet your collection rivals best museums... :lol:
  8. :ps: STOP.THE.PRESSES. OMG!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:THIS is phenomenal!!!! I'm calling this baby my top fave of yours & that is saying a lot with your unbelievable collection!!!!! Big Congrats dearest aalinne!:drinks::girlsigh:
  9. Very well said on dear aalinne my sweetie!
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  10. Ok I just need to go on record & say that selfish ME is claiming THIS bag in the future (when you get tired of her...haha!!!) I know everybody wants it, but I'm stating it first to you dear! Are we cool with this?:graucho::coolio::giggle:
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  11. You have such a lovely, refreshing attitude girl....bravo to you!:drinks: New mantra is "let Miss perfect Red find her way to dearest SGCW soon!" Oh yay:happydance:, so glad you checked out the Celine Box! It actually comes in 3 sizes (mine is medium & by far the most popular size) My SA said they rarely stock mini/small anymore because they don't sell as well being so small that not a lot fits inside. They also didn't have the large size when i was there because again, medium is the one that everyone seems to go for. It does come in a nice variety of leathers (smooth like mine, leige which has the texture, lizard & croc, pony-hair, etc based on season & whichever styles/colors your store/boutique ordered. Do let me know, or PM me, if you have any specific questions!!:hugs:
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    Thank you, Kendie, :hbeat: and for being my go to Céline enabler :graucho:

    You know, I've realised I get a lot of shopping fulfillment just from others here being happy with their purchases and finds. I's strange because I thought all of these gorgeous reveals might make me go a little over the top with buying but it seems to have had the reverse effect, I've gotten even more particular about choosing new bags for myself.
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  13. Thank you, k. :hugs:I had another look at the bag this morning but I can't get past the broken edge coating so it'll have to go back.
    We'll see how this works out with the store and Customs. 230 EUR. lesson learned :P
  14. expensive lesson i must say... :sad: hope you recover it :hugs:
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  15. I've been staying away (for the most part) from the Bal forum, especially reveals because the reality of my bag obsession caught up and I realized they'll most likely bury me with all my bags before I ever get through them..lol

    BUT, I've been checking in and looking for your reveal. So I am so sorry this one didn't work out for you, I know how disappointing it is.
    Chin up though chicky, your perfect red is still out there!