1. Technically not new as I bought it a few months back, but my newest Dooney. Just happened upon it on Thredup. I suspect it had just been listed. Marked down plus 30% off. Paid about $110. The only issue is it's heavy!!!!
  2. Enjoy, it's a beautiful handbag and you got a great price. I bought that handbag years ago and I love it. It's one of my favorite styles and I love the Dooney croco. Compared to other Dooneys I own, it's not very heavy. Glad you are getting ready to give it some use.
  3. True but I took it outlet shopping and my shoulder was killing me! I did use it a bit, and bought the continental clutch wallet in green to match. Not usually a Dooney fan, I don't care for logos but this was even prettier in person!
  4. Very nice color to go into Fall with. Congrats!
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    I got this logo lock on eBay. I thought it was bordeaux when I bought it, but it is grape. I am not sure yet but I may prefer the grape.
  6. I think the grape is pretty!
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  7. I this the grape is a beautiful, muted color! I would keep.
    Plus, this color is very hard to find since D&B doesn't make the Logo Lock in this color any longer.
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  8. Both grape and Bordeaux are beautiful colors. I would keep the grape. And if you love the style or still want a Bordeaux, then keep looking for another handbag in Bordeaux.
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  9. Omg she is gorgeous. I love her!! And the grape is an amazing color
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  10. My first dooney. Janie tote because I need a shoulder bag for everyday. Eyeing a zip zip next.
  11. Enjoy your new Dooney. Love the color you chose. And, the zip zip is one of my favorite Dooney styles.
  12. Birthday gift from Hubby. Small logo lock in Olive.
  13. That's really lovely. The brown trim really sets off the olive leather and makes the bag so much more
    interesting. How is the size for you?
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  14. I actually love it. The large logo lock was just too big for every day, but this one is perfect. Similar in size and weight to the pebble grain classic hobo, but a much more trendy modern look. It also has feet which is a plus. It carries easily. I am a shoulder bag girl but you could easily carry it by hand or the crook of the arm.
  15. Great to know. Enjoy.
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