1. From the
    From the picture it looks like saffiano leather as it have the cross hatch printing on it.
    But stil not sure thou, maybe can wait others opinion :biggrin::tup:
  2. Yes it is saffiano/crosshatched leather. So it won't have that "leather smell" (or feel) most associate with leather. That is good for the Byrdie though as it will keep its structure nicely :smile:

    I like KS saffiano, I have a couple bags and wallets in it and it is very durable/weather resistant, but not "hard" like some other brands saffiano leathers, if that makes sense!
  3. Not a bag, but bought these cute chili pepper earrings. Love them! Btw we need a jewelry thread in here. . I now know what the new dustbags look like. Lol
  4. Here is my first Kate Spade bag :smile:
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  5. IMG_1505280166.107413.jpg

    Trying on a Kate Spade dress with my newly purchased large lane.
  6. This dress is beautiful on you!!
  7. Awwww! I love the combo, so perfect! You look amazing!
  8. Just got this. Wow. Pics didn't do it justice. I find myself drawn to older styles so buy a lot on various apps, eBay etc. this is larger than it looked which is fine, and heavy! I picked up the box and was like what the heck is in here!!!! I love it...and it's one where they used a print of Frances Broadhurst for the lining. Hopper House Framed Darcy in black patent.
  9. My latest purchase, from the Orlando outlets - total bargain! IMG_20170929_114808_318.jpegIMG_20170929_114808_317.jpeg
  10. I got this at the Nordstrom fall sale last night and I love it! It’s my first Kate Spade and I already got my eye on another one!
  11. I'm a big fan of the polar bear collection!
  12. One of my favorite sets.
  13. And another favorite sets ❤️
  14. Today, I purchased these cute little items from the outlet.

    Wristlet and Passport cover.
  15. Hi! Does anyone know what is the name of this kate spade bag? Thanks
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