1. I will evaluate your bag this time but please be active on the site if you wish to receive any more evaluations. I'm not really familiar with this tag. There should be a clear made in country tag along the left side interior seam of the bag. Please post a picture of this tag.
  2. Hello & :welcome: to the ATMK thread. I ask that members be active over multiple threads on TPF & ask that a member has a minimum post count of 25 before I evaluate their request but I will take a look at this. Please be active & participate on the site if you would like future evaluations. Thank you for understanding. :flowers:
    There is a missing picture in the listing. There should be a made in country tag on the interior side seam. I need to see this tag in order to make a determination.
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    $228 MICHAEL KORS RHEA ZIP XS Blue Leather Convertible Backpack Crossover Bag
    Seller nangacat


    I have been looking for a small back pack and love this colour but it's not current in the UK could I possibly ask for it to be checked for me I can email for more pics if required?
    Thanks a lot
  4. I don't see any red flags but I would like to see the heat stamp & the made in country interior tags.
  5. Thanks a lot I will go back and ask for the pics
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  6. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your input and I look forward to being an active member :smile:
  7. Hello again,
    I have asked the seller for the missing picture and they have supplied me with this. They also provided the information that the bag was purchased from Century 21 in NYC.
    Once again, thank you so much for your assistance.whitemk.jpg
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  8. Hi guys! Im aware i just joined the site, but i've been Reading almost every page in this thread, trying to figure out if the bag i just bought is a fake or no! I thought i could ask you guys because you seem to be real good at this, and i would really appreciate your opinion! I do love in sweden and i just Got my jet set travel multifunction tote. As i said earlier i spent the last couple of days Reading this thread and every other guide on the internet. I bought it from fashionette.net. Here's a link; http://www.fashionette.se/michael-kors-jet-set-travel-md-tz-multifunction-tote-black The thing that has got me worried is the hardwares on the keyring holder and the on the zippers, and the supposed to be "heat mark" below the zippers, which is actually a print not a mark at all. I will send you a few pictures and thank you again if you please could help me with this, i got 30 days to figure this out.. kind regards, Malin
  9. It's good. Enjoy.
  10. I ask that members be active on TPF & have a minimum post count of 25. I will evaluate your bag this time but please explore the site & participate if you wish to receive future evaluations. It's not hard to bring your post count up with so many forums on this site on such a variety of subjects. Thank you for understanding. :flowers:
    No red flags. Your bag is authentic. Enoy.
  11. Hi! Thank you soo much for your answer! Im very glad i found this site. I will continue beige active forsure!!
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  12. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.
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  13. Thank you dear
    U made my day :flowers::happydance:
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