1. Yes!
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  2. Lol Can you tell me more? I just texted so if I hear anything I'll report back.
  3. I think it's supposed to be confidential :whut:
    but if someone else knows then it isn't!:giggle:
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  4. They have us in the palm of their hand! I really want it and I don't even know what it is yet!
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  5. My SA just texted back to say she needs to go ask her manager lol...
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    My DSA at NM has a pair of LE ONYX EARRINGS PINK GOLD on hold for me but sadly with this price increase coming up, have other things on my wishlist and must pass.

    If anyone is interested please PM for SA info.
  7. wow! 50th LE?! So exciting! So many LE recently!
  8. BTDF and Natalie, you both are keeping the rest of us in too much suspense :nuts:
  9. Maybe you can share some hints?
  10. I shop for VCA when I travel to Hong Kong in a department store rather than a stand alone boutique as I get points (like NM etc) and my SA said she hasn't heard anything but has sent a message to head office to find out. When I hear back I'll let you guys know
  11. Thank you Natalie :flowers:

    Asia ALWAYS gets such lovely pieces :loveeyes:
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  12. Could you pls share which department store in HK that is?

    I usually shop in Singapore in my local boutique but am tired of giving the SG govt the extra 7%! lol
  13. VCA boutique at the DFS department store on Canton road.
  14. Thank you, Natalie. I will check that one out next time I'm in HK.
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  15. IMG_1511204187.601021.jpg


    Alhambra Vintage in Rose Gold and Letterwood
    Holiday 2012
    Nr. 78/200