1. Love it, that sapphire blue is killer! And yeah, that strap is hideous! I'm not real fond of many Poppy handles either...they all seem to take away from the glammy image.

    I'm such a Poppy fan...like I've mentioned in the past, Poppy was on its way out when I joined Coach. A while back I revealed my Poppy smooth leather Cobalt glam Tote, with a convertible leather and chain strap -- no handles, because the strap can convert to handle length. It's one of my favorite Coach bags, and I actually bought it at the boutique (although it was FP). I'll repost it in a few mins.

    (I just grabbed the first google screenshot, this is someone else's)
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  2. Are you having a problem finding a good one, or are you waiting for a good deal?
  3. I haven't found one yet, at all, but I haven't looked very hard. I'm afraid to order something without being able to see if it matches.

    I can still use the bag without a strap. I have a navy strap from my Legacy pebbled drawstring that I'm using in the meantime.
  4. So I have these two small scratches/gouges on the flap of my City Bag just at the curve (so a part of the bag that will need to be flexible). Is filling with acrylic paint + conditioner the best fix here? Or would something like edgekote be better? The leather is sort of peeling up along the scratch so I want to make sure it stays put but I don't want the repair to fail if I keep using my bag normally. [​IMG]
  5. I hate those kinds of cracks or "cuts"! I would give the bag a bath and apply conditioner and after it is dry then use Fabric Fusion glue to repair and stabilize the damaged areas. Use toothpicks to apply the FF and clean off the excess quickly. After finishing the repair you can decide if you still need to use paint and conditioner to camouflage the area. I think that edgekote would just make them more noticeable.
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  6. Oh i agree. Bag is beautiful, strap looks like something you'd find at Walmart.
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  8. Hi all, just a quick drive through on my lunch. I just couldn't wait to tell, I took the plunge last night and put that big teal suede rug of a haversack in the washer machine last night. Hyperventilating the first half of the cycle! Me, the one who traditionally will dunk something first then ask if it was a good idea. Thanks to all, felt you psychically holding my hand through this :smile:
    The initial finding . . . even while still drying, it appears alot the grime got lifted off!!! I am still sort of amazed, will post more before bed tonight. Nice day to all.
  9. Can't wait to see it!!!!

    ETA: All this suede talk made me go look for one for fall. I found this one below and ordered unscented emu oil and atomizer bottles on Amazon.

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  10. IMG_1505323508.164245.jpg IMG_1505323520.010791.jpg
    Here is a hangtag I came up with. I found the glass pendant at the Goodwill Blue store for $5. The little brass Coach tag was leftover from the sun keychain, I think?
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  11. I wouldn't wash that bag. You will lose more beads.
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  12. I'm so jealous! That color is so pretty!
  13. I would use leather cement.
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  14. What beads? There's beads??
  15. Are you looking at the right bag? The link you posted has silver beads up and down the front and shows some already missing. If you wash it, you'll just lose more of them. The seller also describes it as "beaded" and notes some are missing.
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