1. I LOVE it! It goes with everything!!
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  2. And looks fab!! :tup:
    I was not quite sure about medium, but practice proved me wrong - it's a great size! Your rich green is so perfect for Autumn! :love:
  3. As you know, I have weakness for this kind of green... .... what a great color for a cabat!
  4. My medium Campana in Barolo.
  5. Still with the Nero intrecciato backpack...It has been 3 months, how i love this bag!
  6. Nuvolato lido tote
  7. China Red chain tote with a black and white dress.
  8. IMG_1505285561.539510.jpg
    Miss my Moss
  9. Mini PO cabat having its own 'luxurious rest station' beside my table at a restaurant. BV calf wallet peeking out. IMG_8893.JPG
  10. Moss is just stunning!

    Looking cosy and luxurious there.
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  11. Wore my Silver Pillow to DH's corporate function last night with BV Ardoise sneakers, (plus some BV silver pieces) gosh, i was catching looks the whole night! :lol:
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  12. I just LOVE your mini, such a gourgeous bag!!
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  13. I'm still thinking about the smaller size but haven't taken the leap yet. I know it's early, but are you loving it so far?
  14. NLG Cervo Loop, regular size