1. Thank you for replying.
    I actually did not think about stacking another thin, but I might think about it now. :P
    Thank you, I agree they are all very stunning pieces!
    Yes, they are so tempting !
    I actually have mostly rg and yg jewelry. I only have one ring that is in wg that I wear practically everyday (Tiffany T Wire Ring with Diamonds), this was actually part of the reason for wanting another wg piece to mix my jewelry.

    So I took everyone's comments in to consideration and went to Cartier today and did the exchange for the sm rg after trying it on and couldn't have been happier. I am so glad I did not actually wear the sm wg and only tried it on at home using gloves, took the picture and put it back in to the box or I would have regretted it. Thanks everyone that replied to my post! I am already thinking about the next piece ~ Thanks for letting me share :smile:

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  2. Congrats it's so pretty.
  3. I didn't get a chance to comment, but this would've been my vote. This combo looks so pretty!
  4. I think you made the right decision!
  5. Just lovely worthy exchange ️
  6. Hi ladies!I'm dying of adding a Cartier Love Diamond-Paved bracelet to my collection but the price is just too much for me to accept. I'd be happy paying half:smile:)any advices on resellers of pre-owned? Thanks
  7. Check the typical reseller sites like real real but also have you considered eBay sellers who are jewelry stores? Stores like pampillonia which is a well known seller in the dc area carry second hand cartier and also sell on eBay. Make sure you get all of the original paperwork and receipt if possible if you go this route.
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  8. Love your new love looks amazing congratulation
  9. I need help here. A few opinions might clear out my head....I already have a yg plain Love cuff, and want to add another. My sales woman suggested to do the second with the one diamond in yg. My first thought was to do another plain cuff.
    Has anyone seen either bangle together with the one diamond in the center? Most pics I've seen on google images show plain with plain. Any suggestions will help fix my head...it's swimming now!
  10. Thank you! I googled resellers but I don't find that many:sad: I'm going to Miami in November and I wonder if there are any resellers there. Maybe I'll find a bracelet at a reseller before my trip and can ship it to my hotel in Miami. I live in Sweden and ordering something from US to Sweden will cost me a fortune in taxes and custom duties:sad:
  11. Hi everybody. Does anyone have any before and after shining or polishing pics? Preferably shining. Trying to see what their limit is for removing deep scratches. I would like to get a shining soon but dont want to do it unless all the scratches are removed. I would prefer not to do a polishing because I have heard horror stories of them giving it back with rounded edges.
  12. Really, oh no :sad: I was thinking about getting mine polished but now I'm afraid :/
  13. What's the problem with getting rounded edges? If anything that sounds more comfy to wear. :P Does anyone have pics of these infamous post-polish bracelets? I'm really curious how bad it could be!
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  14. I posted a pic awhile ago of pre and post polishing. Honestly, I did not notice a difference in the edges. I'll try to find the pic, but I believe it is in this thread. I have only had my bracelet since December. It really didn't need polishing, but I was in Cartier looking around.
  15. With their shine policy they remove almost all scratches. Which makes it a polish, because for ANY scratch removal they use a polish cream. Their shine treatment can cause round edges! I know from personal experience

    Before and after pics