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    This is so funny! I love cats :smile:
    Sadly, we are currently a no-pet household, always having cats and horses until about 5 years ago. My horses couldn't hide anywhere, but my lynx point Siamese was so mischievous and annoying. He would be missing and 99% chance he was inside the cabinet on top of the fridge. One time I actually saw him get up there and it defied the laws of physics.
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  2. These are really pretty! And just right to wear together and a statement alone.

    Perhaps I already mentioned but I have a coordinating dress

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  3. They're not fashionable but have you considered Canada goose? Amazingly warm
  4. Akris pices are so chic :love:
  5. I think you mentioned it (how could I forget?!) but I never got to see this photo. I really like it, and it is actually understated yet still a statement. Very nice piece.
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  6. Papertiger, can you convince me that it would be a bad idea to get a pair from Gucci's queercore series? I feel like I may outgrow the style in a year or two, but on the other hand I had a really similar pair 20 years ago and I kind of still miss them.
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  7. Thank you, they still produce just a couple of more understated pieces, I think this was from cruise last year
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    They've got that alt feel about them. Which ones are you thinking about, the ones with all the straps, high or low? I would say try them on, walk around and think about what you'd wear them with. If they don't look good you can instantly dismiss them.

    Gucci looks to Clubland and street artists of the past and now for inspiration a lot. Harlem based designer Dapper Dan's logo re-mixes that hip hop artists often wore 'back in the day', Gucci's version is practically a copy. The conceptual artist Pandemonia, now a FROW at every LFW show is also hard to miss as the mother of those vinyl convertible shoes and Trouble Andrew street artist/DJ who collaborated with Gucci as you know.

    These are 'pieces' as much to collect for fashion insiders and fans rather than just clothes or accessories. The Queercore shoes and boots seem to fit into specialist pieces too, especially the more extreme. Beyonce wore the Gucci DD-type piece and it was a mistake IMO, so you need to think if those shoes still work for you in terms of looks as well as chime with you emotionally.
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  9. Moirai my VCA pieces are yellow gold. I feel like the yellow gold pops a bit more. The white gold is more subtle. Did I ever post a few photos for you? I don't recall.


    They are always increasing prices. It's insane. And we pay it. Should I tell DH that the bracelet that I hinted for my birthday is going up?

    Bunnycat cute kitty. I do not like judgmental people. They are very difficult to ignore but we must try. I hear you about getting older and needing a better quality of clothing to compliment our figures. It's very true. But it's no one's business.

    Cafecreme maybe look for a nice max Mara coat? They are a good value and will last forever. If you plan to travel they are much less expensive in Europe.
  10. The necklines are all amazing - that's really one of your style points, I think!
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  11. Similar situation here - this is why I love tPF!
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  12. White cats are super-strange. My white cat (no longer with us, alas) also thought he was invisible. He would try to sneak up on birds and they would just laugh at him. "YOU LOOK LIKE A SPOTLIGHT IS SHINING ON YOU!"
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  13. I hear you. I love NF puffers. You must be ahead of the curve - I'm seeing plenty of eggplant colors for fall!
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  14. i haven't been active enough to check if they are working on a new app but I hope they are!! I never had any problems uploading pics until just recently, and deleting the app was a bad decision.

    until then, I can only use safari on my phone which can get really annoying or my work desktop as I'm doing right now :smile:
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  15. I like my navy blue moncler puffer! I also have a grey one but keep reaching for blue more
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