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    I'm thinking about getting my mum her first LC for Christmas. Basically I'm looking for a nice stripe colour which goes with navy which is wearable but not too boring.

    What do you think of these?

    IMG_0352.PNG IMG_0353.PNG IMG_0354.PNG IMG_0355.PNG
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  2. I like the navy / peacock combo
  3. I like the first two.
  4. Either of the first two. The first if she would like a pop of colour, the second if she would like it to be more neutral.
  5. The first one. Navy with peacock makes for a nice pop of color and yet remains versatile.
  6. My personal favourite is Navy/Peacock, but I think Navy/Mastic is the most neutral.
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  7. Navy/ Gun metal.
  8. The first one
  9. first or third!
  10. I think I prefer the first option too. I'll have to sound my mum out
  11. I'm planning on getting another for myself (so addictive!!!!). I'll have start another thread for it