1. thanks
  2. Anyone know the price for the mini? the micro is $2200?
  3. $2500
  4. Mini looks better
  5. What color hardware us with the cloud colour? Does it come in silver hardware?

  6. Hi would like to know if there's a way to shorten the strap of the celine microbelt bag. Bought this bag in Paris last month. Im 5'2"
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    Need your help. Bought a celine microbelt bag in paris last month. My height is 5'2". Is there a way i can shorten the strap?
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    Strap is too long for me
  9. After months and months of debate and religiously browsing through this post... I got my first Celine and she happens to be the grained grey Micro Belt Bag!! To be honest I was torn between the Souris Mini Luggage, the Micro belt bag, and the YSL SDJ in fog croc... but I had been eyeing this baby for over a year now and every time I go into a Celine, this bag makes me squeal. So excited to get her and add her to my blooming bag collection!!
    Micro belt owners - would you say this bag is very work friendly?
  10. Congrats on a great buy, we’re bag twins! :waves: :flowers: I love using this bag for work, it’s very spacious and stylish but professional looking! Also I was worried about the clasp initially but I actually find it super easy to use after a few times and you’re used to it. I do try to remember to use the zipper as well as I heard the bag can get slouchy easily if you just use the clasp all the time. Enjoy your beautiful Micro!
  11. Hello ladies! I need your assistance here!

    Think this is the best thread to post this.

    So I am predominantly a mini bag person and the only large designer bag I have at the moment is the Saint Laurent shopping tote in black. My other two "non-mini" bags are my tan Loewe hammock bag in small and my Saint Laurent Sac de jour in size baby, colour baby pink! So I think this belt bag would be the perfect next addition to my wardrobe! Except I can't decide on the size!

    So I'd like to ask a few questions!
    1. Which one do you think looks nicer on my frame? (Top is the mini, the bottom two photos is of the micro - please ignore the too-many bags I have on for the last photo haha)
    2. Given the non-mini bags above, which one should I get?
    3. My concern with the mini is, will it be too heavy for everyday with my iPad in it?
    4. Does the micro even fit the iPad comfortably?
    5. I realised the micro doesn't have feet! How has the corners worn out for you if you have the micro or the nano??

    Thanks a lot in advance! x

    KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-04-29-23-45-06.jpeg KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-04-29-23-45-13.jpeg IMG_7844.JPG