1. I live in Asia and the only way is to send back the bag. But they can't refund the tax that I paid so I didn't send it back anymore.
  2. Congrats! Whats your height if you dont mind me asking. Im contemplating of getting it in small
  3. Thank you! I'm 1.62 cm. The small was a bit too wide, the mini fitted my bodyframe perfectly.
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  4. Has anyone had their marmont personalised, I've noticed that this available on the website and wondered what it looked like?
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  5. Hi! Sorry for the late reply! I ended up with another replacement from Matches - third time was a charm! In the end, it took about 6 weeks from the date I ordered it to actually having a bag I could use. Now I have it, I absolutely love it and would recommend :smile: Where are you looking at purchasing from?
  6. I have the Rubin velvet and I love it! It instantly elevates any outfit, and I just love velvet in general. I don't baby any of my bags, but I am slightly more careful with this one. I have been using it everyday since I got it and it still looks beautiful. I still use it when it is raining if I am just going to work, because I can tuck it under my coat (and I drive to work), but if I was going out for the day I wouldn't use it in rain/snow.
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  7. Keep the velvet! It is so unique and beautiful. I don't take mine in rain/snow but I have been using it a lot and it still looks lovely. What colour did you get?
  8. For those of you who have the marmont flap leather bags for about a year or so, how is the bag holding up? Saw some good and bad reviews. Some horror stories where its looses its shape quickly. Any insights or experience to share?
  9. I also ordered from Matches :smile: Found the price to be the best if I ordered from there! I ended up getting the black mini velvet and I love it. However, there was an area in the back stitching that was unravelling when I received it so I had to send it back and I'm waiting for my replacement now, which kind of dampens the fun a bit.
  10. I am about to purchase my first Gucci bag. I am getting the Marmont Velvet in the size small. I cant decide between 2 colors. The new Pink and Fuschia. I don't live anywhere near a boutique, so I havnt seen either in person. My purchase will be made online. Please, someone that has seen both of these bags in person, give me your opinion. Thanks
  11. Does the chain twist and turn on these bags? Like in the middle, sitting against the bag, I sometimes see photos of the chain being twisted. Does this happen often during wear? Any other chain problems? Thanks in advance :smile:
  12. Yes, it does twist in the middle where the chain rests, but it doesn't cause any problems for me. It is pretty easy to fix.
  13. 20170908_084206.jpeg

  14. does anyone have the super mini? would like to see some posts of what can fit in it :biggrin:
  15. I just bought it today. It does fit my iPhone 6 Plus and I can squeeze in my business card case. My friend and mother think I should return it because it's so small. I love the fact it turns into a belt bag!!!

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