1. Found these at the SA for $2. Regularly $140ish. Size 8 and I wear a 9 but they fit perfectly. Sadly, I never wore them! Oh well, there's always next summer. I SO wanted a pair back in the 70s but my mom refused
  2. So not sure if this counts a an H bag find, but I could not refuse a $6 Hermes travel line Herbag
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  4. My $6 find!
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  7. Just need to vent. I was bidding on the shopgoodwill.com website and bid on kate spade purse and dooney wallet lot. Well the auction ended and it said I won the auction. So I go to pay and I don't see the pay screen. The next morning I look at The bid history and I was magically outbid AFTER the auction ended. I messaged the goodwill the items were coming out of and all they said was there was a glitch on the website and thank you for the auctions success. What the he'll. Stay away from the goodwill website they have a ton of complaints online and since they switched the website they are worse.
  8. IMG_1505329877.427704.jpg

    Horrockses ball gown from 1958 got it with a 20% off coupon I had.
  9. That ball gown is GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing your find. It gives me hope that I will be able to find such a gem at the thrift store.
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  11. Are any of you familiar with Anya Hindmarch? Found this at a thrift for $4. Can't seem to find anything about it online, and I posted on an Anya thread without success. Since you all amaze me on here with your knowledge, I thought I would post it. Or maybe it will just be a mystery lol...
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  12. You all find such gems!

    I'm jealous