1. This is such a sought after piece! I had this same bag and kind of regret letting it go...
  2. Please don't say that! I am so scared I am going to regret it because I know I'll never be able to find it again :facepalm: I just never use it ...
  3. Found mine a couple of months ago. If not, I would surely grab yours! Hope this amazing HG goes to a fabulous home.
  4. I hope so too, thank you!
  5. A gentle bump for this beauty.

  6. Are you shipping to the US? I went to your site but couldn't read Danish.
  7. Yes,I will ship to the US :smile:
  8. If you, or anyone else, need help translating, just let me know.
    Also, I will post some more pics on the auction tomorrow.
  9. I am very interested but don't know how to navigate the website.
  10. You should be able to click on an english version in the top right corner, though bag description etc. would probably still be in Danish.
    The site as such is an auction site but a person may sell whenever they want at whatever price they choose.
    They have what is called a Trendsales account which works a bit like Paypal. No fees for the buyer, only for the seller.

    I will try and call the Danish Postal Service to get a more accurate quote on shipping to the US but I know it is very expensive if the parcel needs to be insured. I am willing to pay most of that though :smile:
  11. Thanks. I left a message. I created an account but there is no "buy" button....
  12. Sold :smile: