1. What's the best louis vuitton bag for travel but also everyday use ? I use the Neverfull GM but want a bag with a zipper I was thinking about the Speedy or the Speedy B in 35 anymore good options ? And you know good sites for pre-loved LV bags ? :smile:
  2. I highly recommend the beaubourg, no longer made. It comes in both ebene and mono and no vachetta or leather anywhere. It's a tote with a deep open section and a deep zippered section, as well as a patch pocket on the front. I just took it on vacation, and didn't have to worry about it getting wet in the rain, and it is a great size to stuff as much as you want into it (it has snaps on the sides to expand it), or to use as an everyday bag. It's very reasonably priced in the resale marketplace. It is a unisex bag, but as a female, every time I carry it, I get asked what bag it is, as it's very stylish. Google it~!
  3. The older model Estrella , it's soft and lightweight it comes with a longer strap too ., good size for travel and everyday use.,
  4. I'm hoping to purchase the speedy b 35 as an everyday bag. I don't do much traveling but I have a 3 year old that requires me tote snacks, toys, and extra clothes.
  5. I have a speedy b 35 and use it as everyday, but would be great for travel! I am to concerned for the light vachetta to use it for travel yet lol. It isn't quite a year old. I did protect it with kiwi, so maybe eventually I will use it for travel :smile:
  6. How about the Totally or the Turenne?
  7. My travel bag is my Totally MM. I find it too big for everyday use, but you might be OK with it if you like big bags. Neverfull MM or GM would work too. I have a Neverfull MM but it's Mon Mono and I don't want it sitting on the floor of a plane. My Totally MM is my knock around bag. I'm fortunate enough to have many LV bags and use certain ones for certain things. A Speedy B could also be used for travel. But if I were you, I would get whatever LV you want for everyday use, then get a Le Pliage from Longchamp for travel! They are lightweight and nylon so you can wipe them down with baby wipes. You can also pack them super small and flat so you can carry your LV and if you feel a situation is "dirty, you can pull out the Lonchamp and put your LV inside it!

    Some great sites for pre-loved are: Fashionphile, Yoogi's Closet, and Ann's Fabulous Finds. All 100% authentic.
  8. I love my Totally MM for an every day bag. It's too small for me for travel though.

    And my favorite place to buy pre-loved is Fashionphile. :smile:
  9. Delightful. It's so "delightfully" light weight! :smile::smile::smile:
  10. I have a Speedy b 35 in DE and I love it! It can be a bit big for everyday depending on what you carry but I still use it everyday. I alternate between the Speedy and Delightful MM (old model). The Speedy b 35 is my go to bag for travel as well. It holds everything I need plus more and is secure with a zipper. Good luck deciding.
  11. I like 'em kinda big. I carry a Retiro GM sometimes as an everyday bag though more as a quasi briefcase. It's also my favorite toiletry type travel bag.
  12. It got to be Westminster GM!
  13. I have three that I like for travel as well as everyday use---Pochette Metis, Retiro NM, and Neverfull MM.


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  14. Pochette metis or neverfull mm highly recommended :smile:
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  15. I use my speedy b 35 or neverfull gm, I find the option to have a strap and top handle very useful and both can fit a huge amount of stuff in. I use both for everyday and when I really need something a little bigger I'll use my keepall 55, good luck deciding!