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    Hello lovlies :flowers:
    This is my artistic side.. I find it a big joy to wrap my gifts.. what I did to make it personal is order some material from Amazon (wrapping paper, scotch tape for gifts, some lace, burlap thread, and already have tissue paper)
    I also ordered some custom gift cards from etsy with beautiful water color flowers in two versions (one with my full name for colleagues and the other with just my initial for close friends and family)
    My style recently: plain brown paper and lace! Would love to buy some pearls for decorating (that would be my next theme) :smile:
    Here is one i did a while ago.. i put the original ribbon that came with the gift item as decoration too :flowers:
    The second.. i had wrapped the lace around it instead of what is usually expected.. then slided the card inbetween the burlap threads (the pic doesnt show that unfortunately hehehe)
    Lets share our creations :heart:
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  2. Then there is this mini gifts idea which was for our last holiday season.. i had wrapped fake roses in cones of the wrapping paper and sticked a small gift inside (before the rose goes in).. (a tiny perfume for the large roses which were for the old adults in my family gathering, and a small tiny hand lotion for my cousins and others alike in age). All gifts i had bought from Loccitane, i had to go to more than one branch to pick up the amount of gifts i needed. And the tiny bon bons had a balloon each with a piece of chocolate (ferrero rocher) wrapped in brown tissue paper :flowers: those were for kids in the family!
    I saved some for my close friends and gave them later when i saw them. They really loved it!
    I dont know what will i do for this year though :biggrin:
  3. Here are the ones i did for Eid holiday this year :smile:
    I had ordered the boxes (cake slices and tea pots) from etsy. And i decorated the slices with lace. Added labels with my label maker.. and just wrapped the kids bath bombs in a simple way :smile:
    If you are woundering whats inside:
    Cake slices are for my cousins (my age and younger): colorful handmade soap bars from etsy.
    Tea pots: for older women in my family: a small jar of hone and two fancy tea bags!
    I had my little one presenting the favors in a small plastic tray.. she had so much fun.
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  4. that is actually a pretty nice picture... i like the colors
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  5. 582AE3F3-4E9F-4648-B7C1-88CA99F14E51.jpeg My latest for a baby boy :heart:
    The card is coral as its my persolized card with my name on it :amuse:
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    The material you have used was really nice, mainly for wrapping the flowers.
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