1. Yours is actually one of the bigger men's collections I've seen here. It's very impressive :biggrin:. I'm a guy as well and I love a lot of your pieces.

    As for Prada, I see tons of women with their bags. I continue to see their Double and Galleria bags everywhere. For men, a lot of their bag offerings are so classic that they aren't really "out". I use a Prada backpack for work everyday, and I have two other Prada pieces that I cannot part with because they are very classic (I used to have a few more but sold those because I don't use them much). I guess they're not "in" like Gucci currently is, but Prada men's bags are more like investment pieces to me.
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  2. ooops! I'm not a bagaholic. I'm not a bagaholic. I'm not a bagaholic! Well, maybe I am. Just a little. haha. I never thought of myself as someone who's into bags that much. But I guess my bag collection speak for itself.

    Is there a way to see just men's collection in this forum or do I have to go through thread by thread?

    I agree men's bag doesn't really have that much fashion per se. Prada men bags in general is pretty plain. I wonder maybe that's why people are buying Gucci these days as they want something different and louder. I've been looking more into LV bags lately due to their collaboration with Supreme. While I was never that into Supreme really. I actually don't have any Supreme pieces but I do like the idea of a very limited LV collection and I also like the graphic-ness of the bags from the collaboration. I should have asked my SA for more stuff from this collab but I wasn't that into it in the beginning and now I'm into it and everything is sold out. Oh well. I should just be happy with what I got. I do like a few bags from their fall collection so that's something to look forward to.
  3. Is that a Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag behind the crocs?
  4. Yes it is! My first Issey! I love how architectural the bag is. I just discovered it this season. Apparently it has been around for quite a few years.
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  5. Outstanding collection - you have such a diverse collection. Beautiful pieces I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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  6. Thank you. I guess I'm kinda all over places with the bags I buy. Although lately I've been more of a Louis Vuitton guy. Probably will stick with LV for now until the next shinning object that attracts my attention! Lol ;)
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  7. Omg love your collection! Yes, yours is 1 of the bigger collection!
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  8. Thank you! I hope to expand more in my LV, Loewe, and Gucci section!
  9. Very nice collection, beautiful and rare LV x Supreme items
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  10. Thank you. I keep on thinking I need to get more LV x Supreme stuff but the reality is I can only get more if I want to pay resell prices which I don't. Plus I'm eying two keepalls from next season so I should just stop looking at LV x Supreme pages on my iPad! ;)
  11. OMG I love chrome hearts!!! You have amazing collection
  12. Thank you so much! I’ve not carry my Chrome Hearts in awhile. Maybe it’s time to dust it off! ;)
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  13. I think you have a lovely variety of bags and satchels! I especially love the Valextra pieces (and of course, H....though perhaps if the wallets get no use, you might find their scarves of interest? ;) )
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  14. Valextra always has beautiful lines. Let’s hope they stay that way.
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