1. Thank you!
    Thanks, frick&frack!
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  3. All of you just made me smile/laugh...that yellow shade is my fave for sure @Pessie. @Mimmy ~I immediately saw something in the middle of beautiful pic & wondered what it was. Hope you & Mr. Mimmy are feeling "more settled"(for lack of better word) this week. @frick&frack HOT DAMN GIRLFRIEND!! We are ELATED for you! Gosh, what a wonderful evening you have ahead in your own bed/home, etc! Yay YOU!:flowers: Took this updated pic of the original "FRIMMY"....I think it was @roundandround who may have said they don't do as well in pots, so maybe that's why mine is a minor disappointment with the number of blooms....but they are SO PRETTY nonetheless & remind me of all your Garden mavens!
  4. I'm so grateful. I bleached my fridge/freezer & ran errands today. I came home to veg, & saw the time (rather than letters) on my cable box. It's working! My internet too! I can't believe it. Just had a small power surge & the cable went out, but after taking some time to reboot, it's back on. It's a miracle. I'm looking forward to falling asleep with the TV on. Hehe.

    Frimmy is looking gorgy! I love that pink/yellow combo.
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  5. I think Frimmy is looking beautiful, Kendie!

    Thank you for your concern. Mr Mimmy and I had a very busy weekend getting things in order both inside and outside. We are slowly but surely getting back to normal.
    Sweet dreams, frick&frack! Everything is going to be fine.
  6. Holy Molly 30 babies??? You got healthy Mama and Papa Kois lol They're so sweet though.

    Cannas! I am happy to see them IRL already, really pretty.

    Roses looked good even in twilight.

    Well, you deserved to have them:smile: The Prada will come later maybe :lol:

    We can't control the weather. But plants will recover, bears flowers and fruits again and we're happy again. I like the orange flower. Your dog looks so sweet.

    The apple was fighing for her life lol It looks like the apple that Eve wanted, so red and tempting :lol:
  7. YAY for the good sleep! I'm happy things will get to normal so soon. Oh poor cat, the neighbours must be very sad. Funny to hear you swapped plants with them. I always gave plants to the neighbours. One day I should say "Hey, can swap some plants?":hrmm: I've seen one neighbour has a climbing plant bearing very pretty and dainty pink flowers:blush: I don't know what plant it is :blah:

    I told you there's nothing wrong with your Frimmy. Look at the healthy leaves and the beautiful flowers just like YOU!!!

    Thank God you're home:yahoo:You can have a good sleep on your beloved bed again. Good that verythings working now. :hugs:I'm so happy for the good news.
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    I like fishing or rather accompany someone who go on fishing. Quite a relaxing activity.


    Shaboom Frimmettes:happydance: Happy that @frick@frack, @Mimmy, @MahoganyQT are all safe after Irma.

    Visitor of the day:heart:

    2017-09-19 22.18.09.jpg
    2017-09-19 22.19.54.jpg
    2017-09-19 22.21.53.jpg
    It's funny how the pictures create a certain kind of different faces, yes I see faces :amazed: how she/he folded her/his wings. Nature has so many beautiful things to share. Good night ladies!

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  9. Wow these are fantastic photos :smile: the butterfly is beautiful there's so much colour here!!
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  10. Lovely butterfly photos :heart:
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  11. Shazam girl!! What amazing pics!! :ps: I've never seen a butterfly w/ those colors (at least not in my area)...she's so majestic!
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  12. You mean kaboom!
    Or was it ta-dah?!
    I can't remember :giggle:
  13. It's a peacock butterfly :smile:
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  14. Drats, i guess that means you aren't a fan of Shazam! :P;)
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  15. Thank you, roundandround! These photos are gorgeous!
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