1. Wow, have been reading some stuff here and now I'm a little worried. I sell and buy through VC but didn't know so many fakes passed the 'quality control.' Also, I'm still waiting for a refund on a watch since someone stole it from the packae during the shipping process.

    What are better international/European options?
  2. I agree - it is a problem.
    Independent authentication is always recommended, but some sites have a better reputation that others for letting fakes slip through.
    VC photographs are often not considered good enough for authentication on here.

    I have not used either of the following but would consider if they had what I wanted:
    CollectorsSquare with an outlet in Paris claims Hermes authentication by Jerome Lalande;
    Daikokuya from Japan has an outlet in London
  3. Just bought a beautiful LV scarf, and everything went perfectly!
  4. Has anyone ever had the experience that VC cancelled a purchase because the bag was no longer available? :biggrin: I know i I should have known better because of my last experience with them discussed in this thread, but I bought a vintage Kelly bag this morning and even though it’s a Sunday and nobody seems to be working there on Sundays when you need to contact someone, I just received an email that they had contacted the seller and the seller told them the bag would no longer be available.. they wrote they would refund me the money and gave me a 15-€-Gift-Code to make up for it!! Sounds kind of shady to me.. what do you guys think? ;)
  5. That could definitely happen. Often sellers have items for sale in more than one place, and if it has just sold elsewhere they might not have taken it down from vestiare yet. When your item sells on vestiare they send you an email to either confirm the sale or cancel the sale, and one choice is to cancel because it is no longer available. I hope that helps. Sorry your purchase didn't go through.
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  6. This happened to me more than once, I sent offer and seller accepted, so I paid. An hour later I received an email from VC stating that seller wanted to cancel transaction as item wasn't available....however the next day seller relisted the same item double the price!!!
  7. Hi everyone, this is just FYI...

    As you may know, some of us had our issues with Vestiaire Collective.

    I have had items with improper packaging, damaged and other issues with items not as described (stains, holes, etc).

    This last one made my blood boiled in anger....

    I sold an item there 3 weeks ago and sent it on the same day. Item arrived 11 days ago as per tracking, however they didn't know where it was, so I chased them a few times and finally today they responded by saying that they finally managed to locate the package. The story didn't end there....

    They said that the package contained a steering wheel instead of the bag I sold so they will have to cancel the sale....and they said that it didn't look like the package had been tampered (so basically they accused me of tampering my own package).

    So i told them to check the tracking link that showed the measurements and weight of the package (1 kg in total) and there is no way a steering wheel plus a thick box (box only weight about 300 grams) could weigh 1 kg only. Even an F1 car's steering wheel weighed over 2 kg.

    I demanded to see the pics of that box with the steering wheel inside on top of a scale, we will see if they bother to respond. Considering that the package went missing for 11 days after tracking showed delivered but suddenly found after i chased them multiple times, I guess they know that someone inside stole the content and tried to cover it up.

    Please beware when dealing with them.
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  8. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing this, this is way beyond comprehensible. Hope it turns in your favor
  9. I'm so sorry you have had the experience.. I really cannot say it surprises me though.. To me, Vestiaire is the most unprofessional reselling websites ever... I do not mind buying preloved or selling my preloved bags.. but I wouldn't do it with Vestiaire any longer.. !! I hope they'll either find your items or refund you fully..!!
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  10. OMG the steering wheel story is really, really bad. Jesus..

    I've placed a review on trustpilot but I guess it's worth sharing:

    My experience is good and bad. Good, because I've sold and bought quite a bit. Yes, it's expensive but I think the experience is quite good.

    Anyway, the bad part, like really bad:
    I've sent a very expensive ring to Vestiaire Collective. I made a mistake in identifyinf the free shipping label (DHL instead of domestic) so at the local post office I had to pay for the shipment myself. That's my mistake so it's OK. For weeks I didn't hear anything, I've sent a lot of e-mails because the track and trace said it was delivered at the correct address. The costumer service per e-mail told me to not worry at all, everything would be fine. But I kept being worried and with good reason.

    Today I saw THE SAME RING being sold on the website of Vestiaire Collective. Same size, same serial number, same everything. I called and the costumer service rep. was nice and his English was impeccable.

    But he informed me it wasn't delivered at their office, there are more offices on the same address. My local post office made a mistake by not putting their name on the newly printed label (I did provide them with all the information but that's a different story altogether). I have to try to see where the item was delivered and I can only hope I get my money back. Retail price of the ring is €3400,-..

    Anyway, the stolen ring is still available online. They will 'look into the matter.' Meanwhile, a criminal who has stolen my ring is free to sell my ring. There's only three companies on that address and one of them is VC, the other two are a laboratory and a depot for office supplies I believe. One of them appears to open after the package was delivered. That narrows it down to two options.

    I'm really not convinced no one in the building of VC took it. But we'll see what happens.
  11. The more I think about it, the more convinced I am it's someone within the office that took the ring. I used a different postal service so it wouldn't be possible to scan it anyway in their main system. And how many people in the only other option, namely the lab, would know stuff like this?

    If you want to check:
    yesterday's item: http://www.vestiairecollective.com/women-jewellery/rings/van-cleef-arpels/gold-yellow-gold-alhambra-van-cleef-arpels-ring-4495699.shtml

    mine from weeks ago: http://www.vestiairecollective.com/women-jewellery/rings/van-cleef-arpels/gold-yellow-gold-alhambra-van-cleef-arpels-ring-4381004.shtml

    Everything's the same. Even the box is. Didn't even have the nerve to present the ring nicely. This is theft plain and simple but I don't know what to do.
  12. I want to share my recent purchase experience thru Vestiaire Collective.

    Would I buy from this platform again... probably not

    Would I sell on this platform... most likely a big NO!

    I made my purchase on Vestiaire Collective because I saw a H bag and coincidentally the site offered a 10% discount on purchase over $300

    I'm a buyer based in US. The seller is based in HK
    The seller was very prompt and ship out the item I purchased right away. The problem is with Vestiaire Collective. All the inquiries to customer service are standard responses. All the email correspondence took over 24hours to reply and didn't really address my questions

    The shipping company used by Vestiaire Collective is DHL. I hate this shipping company! I rather Vestiaire Collective use French post (La Post) at least I think I would receive my package faster!

    Also I paid extra to have my H purchased authentication again by a 3rd party since I don't trust Vestiaire Collective expert on H authentication service

    And duty into US is not really a good saving! Since Vestiaire Collective post on my invoices the original listing price instead of the 10% discount deduction from the listing price! I was not happy at all. Again inquiries to Vestiaire Collective on the billing charge is not responded
  13. Did you pay for customs directly upon entry to the US, or did you pay via Vestiare checkout? Vestiare always overcharges on their estimated customs fees, so never pay at Vestiare checkout. If you payed directly to US customs, you have to find who to send the paperwork to, but they will refund you what you overpaid. If you paid customs at vestiare checkout, they will not refund you the overpayment.
  14. Vestiaire got smart! The shipper DHL charged me. The best part is I have to pay first before DHL took their sweet time release the package to me
    I asked DHL to clarify how they come up with the duty charge.. DHL refuse to respond to my emails!
  15. DHL definitely overcharges. They also add on a hefty processing/handling fee on top of the customs fee.