1. Hello Ladies
    I purchased a MG from a seller on poshmark is the flap small Crossbody in black she says is authentic but she can state anything further not even a dust bag she got as a gift I've compare it to another post but still can't tell please help seem that I question the bag authentication and now she won't reply to any of my mssg and won't cancel the order can someone help. That's all she is posting.
  2. 59299942-6DD2-486D-AC59-D2FFB08C17D6.jpeg F37D50BE-23E1-4B01-8C13-378367C4BF25.jpeg 87762810-720D-4B1A-BF6B-97F52707B5EE.jpeg 654ED623-5591-4B07-BA9B-DBD19D2C05ED.jpeg CBF8826C-CB6F-4F04-A5B0-3F57474B9FDF.jpeg Hello ladies,
    Can you authenticate this bag I purchased? I have the bag in my possession and here are the pictures. Thanks!
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    Can you please give me your opinion on this 2015 blu/creme canvas bucket bag? Large size
    Thank you
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    Two more pics. Color is blu/creme
    Thank you!