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  2. I've soaked several Florentine bags without any problems. This is my process.

    I run a sink full of tepid water with a small squirt of blue Dawn and fully immerse the bag. I let it soak for about ten minutes. Then I scrub the lining if it needs it using a medium, not-too-hard scrub brush, and squirting a tiny bit of Dawn onto tough spots on the lining. I don't ever scrub the outside (made that mistake once). I just either use my hand or a washcloth to gently wipe it down in the water and do that evenly all over.

    After scrubbing the lining while the bag is in the sink, I kinda swish the linings around to dissipate the concentration of soap. I usually flip the bag over so the other side is down after I work on the lining so both sides get fully saturated with water. Soak another ten minutes.

    Then rinse, rinse, rinse with tepid water! Some people run another sink full of clear water to rinse but I just run the water right into the bag, the pockets and the outside until it runs clear - no more soap. I learned right quick to not use too much Dawn because it was a disaster! I had bubbles for DAYS!

    Then I turn it upside down on my faucet to drip for a few minutes. I have one of those tall U faucets. After it quits dripping really hard, I stuff a towel or two inside to soak up as much water as possible. Don't overstuff though or you could stretch the leather.

    I hang the bag on a sturdy wooden hanger with a washcloth between the handle or strap and the hanger. Put it in front of a fan or beneath a ceiling fan for about an hour. Rub some Leather CPR into it while it's still wet. I've had good luck doing that while it's wet.

    After about an hour, I take the towels out and shape the bag the way it's supposed to look and rehang it. I let it continue to sit in front of or under a fan overnight. I pull the linings away from the bottom and sides so they don't cling to the leather. I don't set it on anything because that has caused water lines before.

    The next morning, I'll do another round of Leather CPR, rearrange on the hanger and leave it for the day, still under the fan. I pull the linings and pockets all the way out, if possible. That helps get those dry.

    Check to make sure there are no water lines or spots. If there are, dunk it back in the sink and get it wet and start over. If no lines or spots, at the end of the day, I do one more coat of Leather CPR and let it soak in overnight.

    In the Florentines, be sure to have the tassels away from the body of the bag while drying. Otherwise you might end up with a water spot. I usually flip mine either into the bag or stick a washcloth between the body and the tassel and move it around frequently.

    If you want your tassels to dry straight and not curled, just keep straightening them and you can even loosely put a rubber band or hair tie around them. Just don't use one with a color that might bleed into the leather.
  3. Thank you Dgphoto for your detailed instructions! I just finished soaking the bag and I have it hanging for the 1hr before I put the Leather CPR on it. If nothing else it will definitely be clean. lol
  4. How does everyone reshape your bags after a bath? I've tried it different ways but still occasionally get small "waves" in the leather, the body and flap never seem perfectly flat.
  5. Recommendations, please! Should I glue the edges together before I dunk it or after?
    And, does anyone have a recommendation on a good color match paint or polish for Dooney edging? I normally wouldn't use polish but I might have to resort to that on this gal. TIA!
  6. I usually stuff mine with hand towels for a bit and then take them out. I almost always hang mine to dry which helps maintain the right shape. I have had to resort to cardboard cutouts for Speedy shapes though; the ends are really hard to get right without waves.
  7. Today's rehab projects
    Spent less than $25 for the entire bunch
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  8. I vote 'after' so you can shape and stretch the leather a little so the edges are better positioned for glueing. At least that's worked for me on Coach piping holes.
    I have the same question on color matching and have been procrastinating on my D&B rehab pile for this reason!
  9. I waited until after dunking to glue the hole and then touched it up using some acrylic paint. Doesn't look too bad. I'm waiting on my Wood n Stuff to completely do the edging rehab.

    Here's the before:
    Here's the after:
    Here's the acrylic paint I used:
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  10. You did an amazing job.
  11. Yessssss! Looks good!
    I think I have that same paint already - thanks I'd love a report on how the WnS goes, too, if you have time.
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  12. image.jpg image.jpg
    Sorry to bother, but what did you use to glue it...? Just generic leather glue..?
    I have this exact problem just a smaller size than yours, looks like...
    How did you clamp the edges together/down? Yours turned out fab!
  13. I used E6000. I love it because unlike super glue, you have time to work it around and get the edges the way you want. Any excess will also "ball" up if you rub it so you can just wipe or pull it off. I didn't have to clamp it at all. :smile: I used a thin film of the glue to sort of lay down the little stray pieces of scuffed leather too. It dries clear which is nice as well.
  14. Holy cow!!! I never heard of e6000 before but yeah, four and a half stars out of five over like 2300 reviews on Amazon can't be wrong!
    Goin' in ma cart right NOW along with the Fiebings stuff for my...OTHER project :doh: (aka, spilling LemiShine all over a teal leather Baggu)
    Thank you!

    I'm so stoked I found this place.
  15. Yeah, it's good stuff! Only downside is sometimes the metal tube splits when you squeeze it too hard or try to roll it up like toothpaste and then you've got glue going every which way, haha! Other than that, it's well worth it!