1. I am in love with every bag you got! The colors of all are just perfect! I am also casual which is why I love all your choices! You have great taste!!! Enjoy them all!
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  2. Awww... thank you! I love them all so much and justify them because they are all so different and can be used for such different purposes/occasions. I haven't carrying the Sunset yet, but I can't wait to try it out this weekend. :heart:
  3. Three gorgeous bags :heart: :congrats:

    I also have the SDJ souple in baby size and it's phenomenal :tup:
  4. Thank you! Glad you love your SDJ souple Baby too! That bag was my holy grail and I agree with you, so phenomenal!
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  5. Luv the sac de jour. Plz post a pic of the inside without the divider! I would love to see how that looks. I want it in the size meduim, still deciding on color. Thanks.
  6. Sure, here you go. I hope these help. It's quite roomy, especially with the insert taken out . A medium size would carry a lot. Also, the width can be expanded to hold even more if you undo the side straps (like in the last picture). Good luck decided on a color, that's the hardest part :smile:
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  7. Thank you! Yeah it just looks lovely. I would use it without the divider and I have been looking on the Neiman Marcus website and found the one that I most likely will get. I don't have any bag in the dark green.Screenshot_20170920-190610.png
  8. I love the green! I saw it in person at the boutique and it's incredibly gorgeous..
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  9. Really, because I am about to take advantage of the Neiman Marcus promotion
  10. Great collection!
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  11. you chose the gray! Any reason why over the green?. I have two gray bags already or I love gray! Felt the green would be a good neutral as well.
  12. The inside of the bag is suede leather right?
  13. I didn't get the SDJ in green because the sales associate told me that the "baby" size doesn't come in the green. Also, I don't have any gray bags, so it made sense to get gray. I almost bought the Sunset bag in green, but I've been wanting a nude colored bag, so I went with the Taupe. The green really is pretty IRL.

    And, yes, the inside is suede. :smile:
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  14. Awesome, thanks for the information. I went ahead and placed the order for the green sac de jour in meduim. Lol. It was a promotion I "could of" refused but didn't. Oh boy.
  15. It's hard to refuse a promo, especially when you see a bag you want. Please post pictures when you receive your new bag. :heart:
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