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    I will be attending a Gala events in 6 weeks and I'm totally new to this.
    First, I wear Small size and petite (5 ft 1) and I don't care for too much exposure in my attire lol (I would like to cover my shoulders/front and back). I like flowy, shirring, draped style (Chiffon material) but not so much lace.
    Does the dress need be long that drags the floor (what I heard)? I like neutral colors (black, dark royal blue and maybe metallic silver/gray). Is black a good color choice for my size or would I look better with non black?
    For my body type, which style would be better - pouffy A Line skirt bottom (with Tulle type material) or hour glass type skirt or slim straight Chiffon style skirt?
    Also what kind of heels do I wear - strappy sandals or closed toe pumps? I usually don't wear high heels but I heard you need to wear HIGH heels for a gala dress? I'm nervous having to wear a HIGH heels and a long dress that I might trip lol.
    Shoes wise- is black a safe option that might go with most color of the dress? Or should I go with metallic color?
    What site is a good place to buy that is at affordable prices?
    Thank you for your advice.
  2. Do you know anyone who has attended in the past? They can be a good resource to get some ideas.

    Even if u do, I'd say you should stick with long dress, and not worry about color first. Find a style that you like. For petites, I feel something on the fitted side is more flattering. Maybe a column dress with a high slit so it'll be easy to walk. As for shoes, it depends on dress.

    You should go to a few big dept stores and ask for a personal stylist appt. They will be best suited to weed out what fits ur style, preference and occasion.
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  3. Hi I'm petite too and I'd go with hourglass, black color and closed toe pumps
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  4. for galas I LOVE Rent the Runway. Not only do not have to buy a dress you will never wear again, but you can see pictures of other people your size/shape wearing the design. It's also allowed me to branch out and wear things that I would NEVER spend the money on purchasing. I love party and gala dresses, but you really only get one wear out of them unless they're basic black.

    And ditto the comment above that the shoes depend on the dress.
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  5. I'm petite too and have to do a lot of these.
    The most important thing is to be comfortable and feel great in the dress. Don't default to black unless you look great in black - it is a safe choice but also look for colors that are really flattering to you.
    The gown should be long enough to hide most or all of your shoes but it doesn't have to drag on the ground :smile: This allows you to wear whatever works. I wear very high heels as I am so short and a gala isn't a lot of walking - but I won't wear platforms in case someone sees! Still you can get away with anything from Converse to huge heels, if the dress covers it.

    Stylewise, again, YOU have to be comfortable. When you try the dress, bend over and sit down in it. Raise your arms. Check to see that whatever you want covered stays covered :smile: You should feel beautiful in the dress and not have to stress if you sit down or reach for something.

    All that aside remember everything else you have to offer - your personality, humanity, intellect, etc. -a dress is just a dress and women have owned the room in a potato sack :P
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  6. Great advice so far and they are very helpful!
    I wish I could drop by department stores to try formal dresses but unfortunately I am overseas right now at the moment. It is tricky having to do online shopping without trying on these beautiful dresses :sad: I could have a local tailor made a dress for me but then I still need to find what design/styles of dress I would like.
  7. What does the invitation say about clothes--does it say formal? Are the gentlemen wearing dinner jackets (ie.,black tie)? Or will they be in suits? Is there dancing? What time of day is the event? Who else is attending this event? Is it civilian, diplomatic or military? Is the event work-related for you or your date? The answers to those questions will drive your choices for the most part.