1. The Loewe puzzle bag in the Men's version. That bag turning into different styles like a bagpack is just amazing! Versatility in that price range makes the bag such good value.
  2. celine phantom
  3. I'd put it towards a Chanel medium black caviar flap bag with gold hardware. Dream bag!
  4. I would put it towards a Chanel flap. My absolute holy grail bag that I doubt I'll ever own, but one can always dream!
  5. Honestly the first bag I would get is the Coach Rogue. Then a Speedy 35.
  6. A Bulgari cocktail clutch ...
  7. Either:
    --Mini Lady Dior
    --Goyard grey tote
    --Chanel mini in a fun caviar colour
  8. Chanel Medium
  9. dont know many great brands so ill just buy loads of ted baker ones :smile:
  10. Prada Double Bag download.png
  11. Something Chanel ;) x
  12. I agree with the Givenchy Antigona, absolutely timeless. The small size is very versatile. . .

    Btw, am I the only one not impressed with the quality of some YSL bags? I have the large Kate, and the leather is thin on the surface and I have to be so careful with it. If I had my time again, I would wait and save for a Chanel or buy a Miu Miu or Prada.
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  13. Nope you're not alone regarding YSL. Everytime I've considered buying a YSL bag, I always ended up with something else. So now I don't even have YSL on my radar anymore.