1. Great pics, Fim! Flowers and apple pie from your husband! You are a spoilt lady!:loveeyes::loveeyes:
  2. Beautiful picture, Ludmilla!
    I daren't post photos any more after seeing yours, Fim's and Remainsilly's...:sad::sad:
  3. But I really like your photos, Mariapia! :hugs:

    Your bags are too gorgeous not to post. :loveeyes:
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  4. I am a very bad photographer , Fim ... Selfies are a mystery to me, for example.
    Maybe I have to get another phone.... ;)
  5. Thanks:heart:
    Should be over tomorrow.

    What fascinates me is how stones do not seem to be mortared.
    They balance perfectly. To stay in place without help.
    Must be deep meaning in that.;) Or builder was lazy.:lol:
    I hope for more photos with custom leather flower strap!:tup:
  6. Wow!
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  7. IMG_1505946434.749451.jpgremainsilly, I thought of you when I saw these at Macys.
    In know you prefer Converse but I thought these Keds were cute.
  8. Perfect!:loveeyes:
    May try to find.

    Was suggested that baseball related gift is waiting for me.:nuts:
    And once their post-season team inventory ends, will be called to collect.:panic:
  9. Could be cool. Unless it is an “athletic supporter”.
    That would be bad.
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  10. Nooo, Marispia! Your pics are wonderful. We always love to see them. :hugs:
    Hehehe. I don't do selfies, either. :smile:
    The stones are balanced without help like glue or other stuff.
    It probably has some deeper meaning.

    Glad, that adult stuff is over, soon.
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  11. IMG_0502.JPG
    When I saw your two lovely Cuir, Ludmilla, I couldn't help taking out mine today....;)
  12. Slow day on the island...
    ... it is my last day at the lake. :crybaby:

  13. You know that I love your Cuir. :smile: And your pic is wonderful. :hbeat:
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  14. Mariapia, the more I see your gorgeous Cuir, the more I drool.....:drool:
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