1. My husband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary this Sunday, and will also be celebrating next month on a Western Mediterranean cruise. I’m incredibly excited to see parts of Spain, France, and Italy for the first time and this is our first cruise. We’ve booked a few tours and will be doing a lot of walking around, so I’m bringing two crossbody bags – the taupe Marc Jacobs Nomad Recruit and the black Michael Kors bag (I’m not sure what the name is). I don’t want to carry anything that will get too heavy and strain my neck/shoulders (I have an old injury). I plan to bring my LV Eva for the evening dinners and shows back on the ship.

    Cruise Bags.jpg

    Q: Does this seem like a good rotation of bags?

    My concern that is cruise specific is what to do about carry-ons, because I’ve been told that you have tote your carry-on luggage around the ship until you get access to your room, and that may be a while depending on when you board the ship. We’ll want to explore the ship (it’s huge – Symphony of the Seas) and probably grab a bite to eat, so I don’t want to be rolling a suitcase around, but it’s also not the end of the world I guess. I typically would bring a tote bag that doubles as a beach bag with my smaller purse inside and all my other must-haves (toiletries, makeup, a book, snacks, etc.) and a small carry-on sized suitcase with whatever didn’t fit in my checked luggage. I’m not sure if that would be ideal for the cruise though and I’m considering bringing a small backpack instead of a carry-on suitcase. Does that sound like a good plan? Maybe I can practice packing light for this trip, since I notoriously over-pack. I can also pack my beach bag flat in the bottom of my checked suitcase. I’ll have a better idea of how much clothing I’ll be bringing once I bring my summer clothes out of the attic (it’s finally warming up) and I want to make sure I have enough room for souvenirs, too.

    Q: Should I carry all the bags (tote bag + crossbody inside + small suitcase) or just one crossbody + backpack/small suitcase for the flight and initially boarding the ship?

    Also, I planned on keeping my Eva in whatever carry-on I decide to bring (suitcase or backpack) because I’m reading horror stories about designer bags being stolen out of checked luggage. I was thinking I’d probably carry one of the crossbodies on me and put the other in my checked luggage, but now I’m nervous about that too. I don’t think that a MJ or MK bag would be as tempting as something more high end, but should I be concerned?

    Q: How safe is it to put a designer bag in checked luggage? Does the designer make a difference? MK/MJ vs LV?

    Any advice you may have for this first time cruiser would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bumping! I know there's a similar thread that talks about travel bags but I didn't want to hijack it with all of my questions and picture :smile:
  3. Hello,

    wow, that Sounds like a amazing vacation and I wish you a nice trip. I was never on a cruise so I can’t help you with most of your questions, but looking at your bags I personally would pic only the beige Marc Jacobs and the LV. But I am a light traveller and always force myself to prepare outfits before the trip and strictly only pack what I need. So I think for my summer wardrobe I wouldn’t need a black bag and the LV Damier would fit all my needs.
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    When we cruise, I typically bring the following bags. Small leather bag/clutch for evening dinners, small nylon cross body for excursions and a tote (LC pliage or Lesportsac) as a carry-on when boarding. Anything valuable is stored inside the tote and DH's backpack.

    Your room may not be ready when you board so unless you are comfortable then do not store your valuables in them. If you decide to do it, make sure you have a secure lock. Some people are fine with this some are not.

    If you want to participate in the boarding party, do not keep your carry-on luggage with you. It's no fun having to avoid running over people's toes on the decks and maneuver through the crowds. Alcohol will most likely be flowing by then. :biggrin:

    When I'm on the ship, I typically have my swim suit underneath a nice cover up, summer dress or shorts. I don't like to walk back and forth to the room just to change if I decide to get into the pool. I also don't carry much other than my room key and my waterproof phone case inside the beach bag. There's no need to carry a purse while you are on board. Everything can be charged to you room. Have a some money with you if you decide to tip the wait staff after your meals/drinks or the bartender. Gratuity is included and can be added to your bill at the end of the trip but it's always nice to give a little extra right there.
    If you tip them very well the first time, they will remember you and take good care of you the rest of your trip. ;)

    For your excursions, try loading up what you intend to bring and wear it for a few hours before your trip. If you are fine with it then it shouldn't be a problem. Your dh can take some of the load if he brings a back pack. Bring along a foldable tote or back pack inside his back pack :biggrin: if you intend to do some shopping during your excursions. Bring it out when you need it.

    Remember to bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen and have fun.
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    Forgot to add - DO NOT skip the muster drill. It is mandatory. There will always be someone who thinks they are above the rules and cause unnecessary delays for everyone. Do not be that person.

    Since this is your first time celebrating your anniversary, try to get a booking at one of the specialty restaurant. Tell them to seat you by the window for the sunset view.
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  6. I am a light traveler. I too would not bring both cross bodies. I would likely bring only the lighter colored one for everyday use and when in port, and the LV for dinners on the ship. It will also fit in your in-rom safe when you're not using it. Unlike MintyTea, who doesn't carry a bag on the ship- I do. I find I always want my tissues, lip balm, reapply a little sunscreen etc. I found that I carried my cross-body everywhere all the time. I brought a slightly dressier bag for dinner and that worked out well. For active excursions I use a backpack. For pool time on the ship or beaches in port, I used a beach bag with an internal and external pocket.
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  7. Thanks for your input! I liked that the MK (black) bag was a bit more spacious for days I want to carry a little bit more with me. I don't mind carrying a dark bag in the summer but I can see how it wouldn't work for everyone.
  8. Thanks so much for all of your great advice! I wasn't aware of a boarding party lol They should really tell the first-timers about these things! They did make it clear that the muster drill is mandatory.
    I've already planned a surprise special dinner on our last evening. Looking forward to what they'll do for us!
  9. As much as I'd love to be, I am not a light packer! I've been using both cross bodies in the past couple of weeks and I actually think I like the black one more... I'm tempted to buy it in the luggage (camel-like) color that it comes in but I'll be good for now lol It's surprisingly more lightweight than the Marc Jacobs bag and more spacious. Decisions, decisions!
  10. One of my favorite things about a cruise is being able to keep your stuff in one place while you travel the world. I don't see a problem bringing different bags but make sure your bags:

    1. Have zippered compartments and if there's a buckle tab over the zippered area, even better
    2. Has a crossbody strap (even if it's a satchel)
    3. Or fits close to your body under your arm
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