1. My new wallet & cosmetic bag.
  2. My Tory Burch wedges :P
  3. I was window shopping today on my way to get some MAC foundation & I saw this pretty bag hanging in the window. I went in to look at it but didn’t buy it. I was thinking about it the rest of the day, so I ran back to buy it before the store closed! The Farrah Tote in Tiramisu! I loooove it! And tiramisu is my favorite dessert, so this must be fate
  4. Love it, just saw this bag featured on a TB ad showing Tory in a gorgeous white floaty dress in Berlin.
  5. My new shoes, these are the Blake flatforms, I’m amazed at just how comfortable these are. I just ordered the Camilla black sandals with the multi colored base, I’m excited to see what they look like on. Another pair of flatforms
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  6. This must be a bit different than yours, it has fringe down the side and I love the denim blue color.
  7. Thank you! I did see the fringed bag & if I recall correctly, it’s a tad smaller than my bag. It’s really pretty, though!
  8. I have this bag and it was in heavy rotation last fall! I love it.... I hope you do too...

    These are so cute but I never saw them online or at a store. So cute. Hope they pop back up as they are just perfect!!!!

    I ordered an ivory Macgraw wallet / crossbody in the sale and look forward to using it as we are going out more for dinner/drinks and don’t like taking my big huge bags. I have been using a Coconut Brahmin Thelma that has been perfect for summer... I will likely use this as my wallet in my bag and then just stick my phone and some lipstick in when I am going out....
  9. McGraw is a gorgeous line!
  10. Thank you! Is yours also suede? How has IR held up?
    I loooove the McGraw bags. The thick stitching really makes the bag stand out. I had my eye on the slouchy Satchel in ivory, but it’s sold out . Post some pics of your new goodies when they arrive!
  11. I adore your short romper!! can you share label/designer/where you bought it?
  12. Yes it is that caramel (officially tiramisu) suede color and it has held up great! I was a bit worried as the inside is just the rough side of the suede but its been great.

    My wallet came last night so I didn't have time to change it out for today. Tomorrow and I will share a pic.
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  13. This is so cute. I just have to get it even if I don’t wear big earrings.

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  14. 1084984B-2C0E-45D5-AC08-AE2740B8FE38.jpeg 41A11918-C840-4F16-91D4-F6EE9778B318.jpeg My beautiful Robinson tote (shoulder tote), shot taken by my clever daughter Bought from
    The website a month ago!
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  15. C155C17D-ED8C-4876-B11C-F406A86DFB39.jpeg Taking a tour of Nickelodeon Studios with my Fleming tote... perfect summer bag.
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