1. Today at an annual national conference for SAAD - Students Against Destructive Decisions
    ...skirt is Calvin Klein
  2. Berry, I think I “ve seen it in this thread. Someone asks to ID an outfit Melania is wearing and then someone else posts the brand/style and that it’s sold out. Or maybe I’ll read it on a gossip site. So no I don”t know for sure.
  3. Footwear News, an offshoot of Women's Wear Daily, has stated that some of Melania's CL's have sold out after she was spotted wearing them. Another site said her Del Pozo dress sold out, some site called "popsugar" states some sold out things. If you google "what clothes worn by Melania Trump have sold out" or something similar, there are outfits listed that have sold out. Quite a few have. Of course now the web is full of the Zara jacket blah blah blah but if one looks you can find outfits that have sold out as a result of Melania having worn them.

    Her stylist often searches for clothes, according to W magazine (cut/paste):

    As it turns out, Pierre shops for many of Mrs. Trump's outfits anonymously in New York.

    "I go to Bergdorf, I go to Saks, Michael Kors, Dior," he told The Times. "What is challenging is when I cannot say what it is for."

    He also makes sure that Mrs. Trump doesn't wear anything that other public figures have worn before.

    "I always ask: 'Was it already on the red carpet? Did somebody already wear it?' Because I don’t want her to be on the 'Who Wore It Better' list."

    The fact the clothes are bought off the rack with neither the store nor designer knowing who the purchaser is pretty much checks out with stories we've heard about Mrs. Trump's wardrobe before.


    It's safe to say that because some designers have burned their bridges saying they "won't dress" Melania, they've lost some good opportunities. Too bad.
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  4. Brigitte Macron when she visited for her state visit compared life for Melanie to being in a golden cage or words to that effect and said she was infinitely freer as FL of France
  5. Not feeling that long black skirt.
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  6. she looks so good in a crisp white blouse.
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  7. FLOTUS wearing what appears to be a "pink dress" at the White House with King of Jordan & Queen Rania
    No photos yet...but FLOTUS looks beautiful in this color
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  8. ....here's some, the dress is Proenza Schouler
    ps.jpg ps2.jpg ps25.jpg ps3.jpg
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  9. LOOOOOOVE the pink dress.
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  10. Love the dress & loved how FLOTUS looked wearing it.. Soft & sophisticated
  11. So pretty! Love the color!
  12. FLOTUS wore it well, so pretty! :love::girlsigh:
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  13. Lovely ladies
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  14. Lovely image of the ladies having a get together
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