1. This is the small Big bag... aptly named: even the small size it is really big!
  2. Out with the Strap Large Multifunction :smile:20180609_161105.jpg
  3. Frame bag in action
  4. This looks really good on you, I love the wide strap on this style :hbeat:
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  5. Thanks! Yes, the wide strap is perfect for the bag!
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  6. Taking my belt out todayIMG_1528706138.187806.jpg
  7. IMG_20180612_081355_777.jpg
  8. with my 3 year old trio and still
    love her :smile:)
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  9. IMG_2336.jpg

    Running errands with my micro luggage in kohl that I seriously love more and more each day! Even against a monotone grey background it still looks awesome!
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  10. My two favourite things - micro luggage and kohl. Absolutely gorgeous :hbeat:
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  11. I haven’t worn my skate shoes in ages and now I’m wondering whhhhhy??? They are soooooo comfy!!
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  12. can never go wrong with a classic luggage!
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  13. In love that print so much! I remember that they did a coat in the same print, do you happen to remember what season these were from?
  14. Oscar!!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:& the bag is TDF of course!:hbeat::love::loveeyes:
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