1. im expecting 2 more, so i shall do a triple reveal sometime!! :biggrin:
  2. Look what I found at my local Nordstorm Rack and in my size! Of course, I snatched them up immediately.
  3. IMG_6369.jpg

    Sorry I missed attaching the pic.
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  4. does anyone know which colour Name is w34?
  5. Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 7.25.16 PM.png
    What does everyone think of this bag. It comes in medium and large. I've seen the medium and it's kind of small. I'm having the boutique send me a large on approval. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  6. Wu
    It's lovely - I really adore the spike bag, but I personally would opt for a more worry free color. If however, you already are comfortable with using lighter shades then go for it!
  7. I love the med bag and silver it's really perfect for what I need. I am thinking about the large and would get as its really well made and so distinct.

    I also agree with the anxiety that goes with light colored bags. I would be too worried about anything happening to it to buy one in this price range. I wish I could tho, bc this color with the spikes is really a killer combo.
  8. Need a expert !
    the glamlocks coming with two different leather . one is smooth leather and the other one is with structure. which one is better ? more durable ? Looks better? better Quality?
  9. Anyone here have a slingback flats? It’s new arrival i think. Havent seen any post anywhere and i wonder how it looks like when worn. I own a ballerina flats though