1. Uh oh. Please keep us posted. Good news that you can return it.
  2. Yeah i need to know the final result within this week, as the window for returning is closing.

    I really hope it's authentic. :sad:
  3. Have you heard anything about the authenticity of your bag yet?
  4. Not yet. Authenticate4U said they'd look into it (they requested new pictures of the zipper) but no response yet after that. :sad:
  5. I hope they respond before your return window is up.
  6. If there's no response, I'll probably just open a return request anyway. This is why I told myself I won't buy bag from eBay again - Authenticate4U takes ages to respond. I sent the request on June 29. :/ They're supposed to be the best though so I always end up using them.
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    Ok - Pandora is authentic. Whew!!!!

    Apparently, the first images I first sent were blurred. And I was missing a photo of the YKK in the zipper. Authenticate4U asked for new front and back tag pictures.
  8. Yay!!!!!
    Great news and in the nick of time!
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  9. Yeah. I was so bummed because I really like it! Also, it does (bag, print, everything) look very high quality.