1. hi all,

    Please suggest where I can go on vacation with my 5&3 year old boys. We considered Disneyland but we think it might be overwhelming for us. Cost is not a concern. We mainly want something nice and family friendly, with good (not too hot) weather. We will be going in September.

  2. How about a Disney cruise to the Bahamas? We took our girls when they were 4 and 2 and they loved it!
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  3. One of the best vacations I've had with the family was Hawaii in the late fall and early Winter. My kids, all under 9 those times, loved playing on the beach.
  4. Our kids love Disney Cruise! They really know how to make everyone feel like princes and princesses on their ships and there are so many things to do for all ages. Their Oceaneer Lab and Club is awesome! If you are considering Disney Cruise, go in October for their Halloween decoration. If your boys love pirates, they have Pirate Night for the Caribbean itineraries. We liked that better than the Christmas deco.

    Your boys are not too young to enjoy Disney. You can have a very enjoyable time if you give them afternoon breaks. If you stay at an on-site Disney property, you can head back to the hotel to relax by the pool when the boys get tired. We never did an entire day at an amusement/theme park. There were always a 2-3 hrs break in the afternoon at the hotel.

    Depending on your family interests, our children loves vacation with either a beach or water parks. Here are some water parks we enjoyed:
    - Atlantis, Bahamas
    - Waterbom, Bali
    - Legoland Waterpark
  5. Disney Cruise.
  6. Disney Cruise! The kids have fun the adults get some alone time. It’s a win-win!
  7. thanks so much! I'll look into the Disney cruises.

    Which one would you recommend?
  8. I think it also depends on what you and DH like to do. We take our kids to Europe each year since we love travelling, it is an easy place to get around with kids and we go to familiar places (go to Paris every summer, and usually tag on a couple other cities).
    A lot of people I know love taking kids to Hawaii or to some other hot place (like Punta Canta) - can do lots of summer, exploring or stay at a resort and enjoy the pool.
    Another idea is a road trip, which is one of the trips we are doing this year. Planning frequent stops and fun places along the way.
    Next we are doing Disney. I have heard great things about the cruises but I am not a cruise person so we are going to the parks this time.
  9. We are planning for a San Diego trip with our toddler soon. There's the zoo, beach, museums, theme parks...not to mention great weather!
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  10. We did San Diego with our son at 1.5 yrs, Disneyland at. 2.5 ( he still remembers and loves it, turning 4 soon), New York at 3 yrs. All those places had something for him to enjoy. We hope to do a cruise next year, most likely Disney, now that our second child arrived