1. I believe she was carrying a navy blue bag. The same one she wore with that navy blue coat from Jcrew, along with that All Saints sweater and black pant.

    I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of mixing black and navy, but I’m just old school that way. I would have probably paired those pants with a nude colored wedge. Even though I understand the queen frowns upon wedges.
  2. well, I guess yes, counting all those black details but still I think white ones would have visually extended her legs even more and still she wound have had her bag, and glasses, and ribbon and loooong legs ))
    I was watching that match and was waiting for the hat moment (I love fedora hats)... aahg I guess I missed it :facepalm:
  3. Those white Ralph Lauren pants were awful on her. I love wide leg pants just as much as the next person, but those were far too over the top. They were dragging the filthy ground! Not a good look.
  4. I never saw the hat on her head either. The rules of the Royal Box state that you are not allowed to wear a hat so as not to obstruct the view of the person behind you.
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    Visiting the Nelson Mandela Centenary exhibition on July 17, 2018 in London, England.

    Wearing a sleeveless belted trench dress by House of Nonie and Dior pumps, carrying the 'Clifton' shoulder bag by Mulberry.

    Harper's Bazaar UK
  6. Hmmm this whole look is pretty meh, and something about it is slightly off. Maybe it’s the belt? Back to the same boring neutral beige color. Thought we broke out of that with the last few looks
  7. that flap on her right shoulder is weird, and i think the length is a little sloppy.
  8. Hmmm...this blah look could have been easily remedied by swapping in an accent belt and nude shoes
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  9. Head to toe beige, very dull and I really don’t like the big collar either :no:
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  10. I love it, the color, the length, the buttons....all of it. I think she looks great.
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  11. Not a fan of this look. It washes her out. I don’t get why she wears trench dresses so much. I don’t think that Alexander Wang navy trench dress was all that flattering on her, either.

    I’m disappointed TBH, her looks in Ireland were near perfection.
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  12. She put the hat on when she was leaving. It pulled the outfit together nicely !
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  13. loooove the trench Dress on her! Looks formal and chic. like a boss haha
    lovely blush tone. you only can wear those trench Dresses with a Frame like hers, otherwise you look bulky all the way. lovely stylish look :flowers:
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  14. Another dull outfit from her. Disappointing. Harry's outfit looks better than hers.
  15. Me, too! She looks put together and beautiful. I would not change a thing.
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