1. Please in future use the correct format as set out in post #1 of this tjread.

    The eBay seller of this bag ONLY SELLS FAKES. If you search the thread you will find many postings about this criminal scammer. If the bag in this listing is the same one as the photos you have posted, then it is a fake. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DISGRACEFUL SCAMMER SELLER.
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  2. Geez Louise! Them again??? When are the authorities going to put that crook out of business??
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  3. Thank you so much MissFiggy!
  4. thanks so much Miss Figgy! Your generosity is greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks so much.
  6. Someone I know is selling this item but without Cards and dustbag anymore. Can’t find this in the net as well so I also don’t know the Model Name. Would you kindly authenticate please and ID the bag model where possible. Thank you very much.
  7. Additional pics. Thanks again.
  8. If you won them, post your own pictures once the Prada bag is in your possession.
  9. The name escapes me at the moment, but this is real. A fun bag, too :smile:
  10. You made my day! Thanks so much!
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  11. Hello. I bought this bag awhile back from a eBay seller. Pls help me authenticate. Thank you.
  12. The ones above are my own photos.
  13. Vintage but real.
  14. Ok, will need to see more pictures including both zipper’s undersides and better lining pictures
  15. Thank you!