1. Thank you so much!
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  3. Dear Dior authenticators and lovers, please help. IF you can see this dress please does it look authentic ?
    File 7-12-18, 1 17 49 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 18 22 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 18 46 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 19 10 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 20 37 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 36 52 PM.jpegFile 7-12-18, 1 37 59 PM.jpeg
  4. Not sure about this one.
  5. Not sure but it looks okay to me.
  6. 16DF4477-F4CE-4B06-8A36-7345E45F9BB6.png 3DFE0E57-225E-4F15-9340-83BA663D34DC.png F4422CCD-9D00-4AA0-ABC1-A709C94E20EB.png 3D345D7C-298D-4C50-B447-9CC65EE7CAEA.png 4E17BE3C-7A60-4A0A-9522-79E294787E20.png 01BB791B-BCF9-4BCA-9728-BE0225AEAE86.png 403CCA4F-5DB4-42FA-BF5B-5F85C8ADD054.png 5F68F2B3-2BC4-4FF8-87A1-AE96CCBD6A09.png CF3D51EB-CF4B-4E6B-93A4-4A3A09102240.png 384636AE-6E5A-44E0-AC49-A2E86D948EC0.png Hello averagejoe,

    Need help to authenticate this My Lady Dior please. TIA
  7. Thank you for your time and opinion, by feeling in real life i like it. but somebody commented to me that with bee embroidery the christian dior writing must be changed on just DIOR. have u got any idea about that info. so that comment made me feel suspiciously about the dress
  8. Hello authenticators and members. Would you please authenticate this lady dior bag for me before I will buy them from a workmate? Thank you so much in advance.
  9. Here are the pictures.
  10. 23D33907-5C9E-40E5-87B5-EDAD87AB5CD0.jpeg 23D33907-5C9E-40E5-87B5-EDAD87AB5CD0.jpeg 23D33907-5C9E-40E5-87B5-EDAD87AB5CD0.jpeg 619F5EF3-2562-44ED-8DA8-F0EA2DF0C715.jpeg 8FDFC762-0666-4D8E-8560-44EF1AE63A76.jpeg
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    s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600.jpg Hi, Im new to the forum. I live in the UK. I am wanting advice on a DIOR GAUCHO I have seen ( used ) . It looks pretty authentic in the photo's but just wondering if there is a way to check the code. This particular bag shows the numbers/letters 16-MA-0077. ve read up on what to check for , but as some of the codes Ive heard are fake , Im a bit wary . Any advice would be most appreciated !
  12. Item name: Dior diorama medium
    Online reseller name: rutify
    Direct URL link: https://www.vinted.lt/narys/49556-rutify

    Note: this bag is listed in a second hand resale platform. Since we agreed on the deal, the seller deleted the listing, so I cannot upload a link to it. She said the inside pocket is so narrow, she cannot read the authenticity number. I am however attaching many photos. I believe it is authentic, but can you please give me your opinion? Thank you very much in advance04ae7_Md4o5pSJK5MJDUiz58TE2RV6.jpeg04c7f_BWyVz28DKLRGteUW5svqQsX4.jpeg 03f32_qguk8XHoNPMcMYzaztQVjpzv.jpeg044a5_U87Gt64n5k9HdndTqRY48muJ.jpeg 04bc5_BDhrq8RFAqKPZSBQkzz6ogna.jpeg03d6b_o9eqiXxR5JUToLvPzGu2mjBr.jpeg0375b_aq1VzR9ngmYQdifpDrFWTgjQ.jpeg027fb_UvHzXZZrDfmLAKTAbvdeGQzk.jpeg04029_LqoxouMbDtGbtDz7GdTXA2xX.jpeg
  13. That's not necessarily true (about the DIOR vs. Christian Dior). It depends on the collection.
  14. Needs a close-up shot of the chain rivets, especially the hollow ones.