1. LOL! That's the only one on a completed listing. I just wish I could make it go away. Sometimes there's a "mark as answered" button, but it's not always on every listing.
  2. eBay is not sending me me messages stating I won items. I am glad I thought to look last night. I figured I had been outbid but looked anyway. I received nothing from eBay even after I paid! I am not impressed. And, I did look in my messages to see if it just hadn't sent but there is nothing there. In MyEbay, it showed I had won and it was awaiting payment. smh
  3. How long ago did you win?
    I recently opened an unpaid case. The buyer won a vintage Coach crossbody. Waited 48 hours. Messaged the buyer asking when can I expect payment.. nothing. I am still waiting to hear back from eBay about the case. It's still unpaid.
  4. Is it possible that there are delays between the ends of the auctions/listings and the notifications?

    I'm finding that there are some significant delays (hours up to nearly a full day) between some listings that have ended and the time I get a notification of either payment or the suggestion to relist.

    Additionally, there's a delay in getting the paypal notifications of payment for items that were BIN'ed. I get the alert on my phone immediately but it's hours before the email arrives.
  5. I won the auction last night. Still nothing from EBay. I went in and paid for it so hoping the seller received the notification. It is not a big purchase; an impulse, really, so I am in no hurry. I just like to know I won without going to the EBay site. I haven't been receiving outbid notices for months, so figured I had lost it when I did not receive anything. Glad I checked.
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  6. Another of my pet peeves:

    When a seller has a return policy, they are REQUIRED to take returns for ANY reason. I wish sellers would make themselves aware of the rules before they make their own unenforceable ones.

    While looking at a fake Coach listing from a seller who has 30-day returns, her listings state, "RETURNS: Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. All items returned must be in original condition, UNUSED, and must have all tags attached, all packaging and contents of package included in return shipment. We do not accept returns due to clothing not fitting properly. Buyers are responsible for return shipping charges. NOTE: All leather goods (to include but not limited to) handbags, purses, laptop, computer, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, phone cases are non-returnable."

    Ebay doesn't care if the item doesn't fit.
    Ebay doesn't care if you're returning a leather good.
    Ebay DOES care that the seller is required to honor her 30-day return policy and this seller seems to believe she doesn't have to do so.

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  7. You can set the return policy for each listing, so there is no excuse for having 30 day returns specified on her purse listings. She is trying to get her seller discount without actually following the rules.
  8. Check your ebay notifications settings. Maybe it changed.
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  9. My pet peeve in that area is that they have no business dictating return terms Sellers should be able to set whatever terms they wish and buyers should abide by them.

    No returns should mean NO returns.

    Interfering in a No Returns policy should be tightly limited to fraudulent listings. It stinks, it doesn't fit, it's aqua not blue/green, etc. should never be 'not as described'.
  10. I agree. I would be willing to accept returns if I could have a 5 day or less time limit. No one needs 30 days to decide if they don't want something I'm selling. That's 30 days they get to use it for free and cause damage that I wouldn't be able to prove. Ebay's policies have forced me to stop accepting returns.
  11. The mobile app has been annoying me recently. It shows old bought items randomly on my purchases when I have already deleted them. Then last week I purchased an item and the seller did not ship for 5 days but no rush for me. I went to look and it said I had not paid! I was like oh my, and went online (I usually do buy it now, if there's an auction I am online to pay right away) to see what that was about then it shows it's paid. They need to update the app or something cause it is being all weird on my end.
  12. Exactly, she's cheating!
  13. I will. Thanks. I did receive notification of winning a best offer, though. :smile:
  14. I sent a return back to Ebay, using their label. I dropped it off at the UPS store, on Friday. USPS still hasn't scanned it so ebay shows it as not having been shipped back yet. Grrr. I know I should have taken it to the post office to have it scanned, but sometimes I just don't have time. I hope the post office scans it soon, or I'm out $150. Oye.
  15. Knowing how my UPS store works, if you don't drop things off early enough in the day on Friday, they just sit in the store until Monday. They may only make one delivery a day to USPS, probably around 3 or 4 pm, and if the post office doesn't scan it when received, it might not be scanned until it reaches a distribution center. With my post office, any packages received after 4 pm miss the truck to the distribution center, so they don't go until the following day.
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