1. My Millers in the light makeup color.
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  2. I've been wanting to get a pair of these sandals. Are they comfortable?
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  3. They’re ok for short amounts of time, I definitely wouldn’t wear them for hours and hours. Then again there’s lots of people that would. I suppose it depends if you are comfortable in flip flops.
  4. Thanks!
  5. I find the Millers pretty comfortable. Wearing my leopard ones from late last season sales today
  6. My small Perry hobo is in my passenger seat today. 20180712_171847.jpg
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  7. OMG! Just ordered the same bag after seeing it at the TB store, I couldn’t forget it either. So 60-70’s love it! I bought it in the same color. I think it looks better in person than on the website, I tried on all three colors and chose the same color you did. I love the simplistic look, the gold rings add something modern to it. Enjoy your bag can’t wait to get mine. Are you going to spray it with suede protector?
  8. Awesome! I’m happy to have a bag twin! I absolutely love the 70s boho vibe. I sprayed it with a suede protector from Nordstrom that has good reviews on TPF. I applied 3 coats inside and outside the bag. I haven’t carried it for prolonged periods yet because of the rainy season here in Florida. Post pics when your bag arrives!
  9. Thank you so much I will get this I was debating what I should use. I really appreciate it. Enjoy your bag it looks great on you.
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  10. My new Miller sandals. Got them at 50% off. They are very comfortable for me, no blisters whatsoever from Day 1. I will probably get a solid color pair in the near future. IMG_6012.jpg
  11. Love them!
  12. So cute!!!! Millers are addictive...
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  13. Thank you, ladies! I am really liking the Millers in leopard print!
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  14. My Marsden Tote from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Shipping is so slow to Canada that I just finally received it yesterday.

    It's really light for its size, and the leather is so soft! IMG_20180807_161416.jpeg
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  15. Ohh I love this! The gold hardware really pops!
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