1. Wendy, I just wanted to say that when I stumbled on this video on Youtube, I fell in love with your channel and now regularly read your blog. You are so amazing at what you do!
  2. I just watched this and wow you are amazing! thank you for this awesome video, can't wait to try out some of these styles with my new mcqueen scarf!!
  3. love ths video!! thanks heapsss!!!
  4. Could you do that with a Coach ponytail scarf?
  5. Wow! Impressive! Your video editing skill is superb as well.
  6. What an inspiration, Wendy - you made my evening (and I'm off to youtube to join your channel!)
  7. Thank *** so much for posting this.... I've been wanting ** know how ** tie my LV leopard stole for so long.... this video is so valuable!
  8. Bump! Wonderful thread Wendy! Bought the LV leopard stole and McQueen scarf as a result of this! Love your blog too xxx
  9. Wendy, your video is really great! I have learned some new ways to tie a scarf! and at the same time, i am so impressed by your video making skills.....it is really professional quality ;)
  10. Such a cool vid! I have tons of scarfs but usually wear them the same way. Thanks for the inspiration!
  11. I'm a huge fan of your vids!
  12. :heart:
    Thanks for sharing
  13. WOW!!! Fabulous, creative (in many ways), helpful. Thank you sooooo much Nhu Nhu:loveeyes:
  14. That was absolutely fabulous!!!!

    And Nhu Nhu, you are just so charming and creative in your videos and style. I think it's high time I follow your blog.
  15. Well done. Not only helpful but the artistry and sequencing is wonderful. Thank you.